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Police Emergency
On-campus phone 911
Off-campus Call (301) 405-3333
(UMD Police) or 911
Non-Emergency Call:
(301) 405-3555
Other Police Numbers

Fire Emergency
Dial 911

Police On-campus contingency phone call:
(301) 403-4543 or
(301) 403-4544

University Health Center
(301) 314-8180

UMD ALERTS: www.alert.umd.edu



Emergency Preparedness > Emergency Procedures and Action Plans <- You Are Here

Persons with Disabilities

Plan in Advance

Individuals who need assistance during an evacuation, even temporarily (due to broken leg, illness, medications, etc.) should plan in advance. It is important to be aware of your own capabilities and limitations.

  • Notify a director or department head if you use a particular building on a regular basis.
  • Notify a Resident Director or Resident Assistant in residence halls, or a House Director in Greek houses if you are a resident.
  • Identify someone who might provide assistance in leaving the building and/or who will inform emergency management personnel of your presence and where you are located. Rescue is the fire department´┐Żs first priority.

Building Evacuation (Fire or Hazardous Materials Emergency, Bomb Threat, etc.)

  • Exit the building immediately using the most direct route
  • If unable to evacuate on your own, ask for assistance to the nearest enclosed exit stair or remain in you room.
  • Ask someone leaving the building to notify emergency responders or you location. Rescue is the fire department's first priority.
  • If a phone is available, call 911 and tell them where you are.

Shelter-in-Place (Severe Weather, Active Shooter, etc.)

  • Seek shelter in a room with no windows on the interior of the building if possible. Follow standard procedures if possible.
  • Call 911 or 301.405.3333 from a cellular phone and let them know your location.

More Information

Disability Support Services 301.314.7682

University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742, USA 301.405.1000
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