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University of Maryland Web Site Guidelines

Web Guidelines - Official UMD Web Site Wrap

  • Official University Web Site Wrap
  • UMD Web Wrapper Code Generator
  • UMD Web Sites Using the UMD Web Wrapper
  • University Web Marks
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  • We now have a code generator that will generate the UMD Web Wrapper html code for any website. This is the url for the code generator:
    UMD Web Wrapper Code Generator.

    Below is the official UMD Web Site Wrap. Click on the image to see larger graphic.

    UMD Web Wrap Small

    Web Guidelines Questions, Contact:
    Office of Internet Communications
    2101 Turner Building
    University of Maryland
    College Park, Maryland 20742-5411
    301.405.4610 TEL
    301.314.9344 FAX
    or email emailum@umd.edu.