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University of Maryland Web Site Guidelines

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    University Design Standards have been developed with the goal of providing a standardized look for University of Maryland web sites.

    As of May 7, 2008, it is University of Maryland policy that any University of Maryland web site being redesigned or newly developed will be identified with the University of Maryland "web page wrap," with the goal that eventually all university web pages will adopt the "web page wrap" when redesigned. The word mark in the wrap will always link back to the University of Maryland home page (www.umd.edu). The UM Wrap should the top element on the web page. Nothing should appear above the wrap. (This does not apply to personal student pages.)

    Design or color alterations to the web wrap and the University of Maryland word marks are prohibited by copyright and trademark.
  • All uses of University Marks must comply with University Design Standards.
  • University Marks may not be modified in any way without prior University approval.
  • University Marks may not be used in conjunction with the name or mark(s) of any other entity without the prior written permission of the University Marketing and Communications and that entity. If permission is granted to use both the University Mark and another party's mark, the marks must be distinct and separate from one another and neither mark may dominate the other in order to protect the integrity of both marks.
  • No University Mark may be used in any manner that suggests or implies University endorsement of products, services, political parties or views, or religious organizations or beliefs.
  • No one other than the University may claim copyright or trademark rights in or seek to register any design that uses University Marks.
  • The University will not approve the use of University Marks in connection with alcoholic beverages, inherently dangerous products (firearms, explosives), illegal drugs, tobacco, gambling, sexually suggestive products or language, or any health-related product.

  • Web Guidelines Questions, Contact:
    Office of Web and New Media Strategies
    2101 Turner Building
    University of Maryland
    College Park, Maryland 20742-5411
    301.405.4610 TEL
    301.314.9344 FAX
    or email emailum@umd.edu.