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·UM Budget Central
September 19, 2009

From Dale O. Anderson, Director of University Human Resources

TO: Faculty, Staff and Students
RE: Furlough Plan for College Park Campus

President Mote communicated with the campus earlier today about the furlough plan. The Board of Regents met on Friday, September 18, 2009, and passed a resolution that granted the authority to each institution's President to develop a furlough plan for his or her respective campus to achieve immediate salary savings in FY 2010. After consultation with the Senate Executive Committee and the employee organizations representing the bargaining unit staff, our furlough plan was submitted to the University System of Maryland. Chancellor Kirwan approved the furlough plan that follows for the College Park campus, and it will be implemented effective September 27, 2009.

My department has developed informational resources that will be available on our website at www.uhr.umd.edu and the budget central website at www.budgetcentral.umd.edu.

I very much appreciate the good will demonstrated by our employee organizations in responding to these extraordinarily difficult circumstances.

FY2010 Furlough Plan
University of Maryland, College Park
September 19, 2009

Pursuant to the "Resolution of the Board of Regents of the University System of Maryland Authorizing Furloughs and Temporary Salary Reductions of Employees" (9/18/2009), the following is the FY2010 Furlough Plan ("FP") for the University of Maryland, College Park.

The FP will begin on September 27, 2009, and end on May 22, 2010. The FP is comprised of two parts:

  1. a "Campus Closure/Furlough" component (Part 1), and
  2. an "Additional Furlough" (Part 2) component.

Eligible employees will have furloughs paid for through a temporary salary reduction in accordance with the eligibility criteria and salary table contained in this plan. In principle, the FP target days are assigned by a sliding scale whereby higher earners have more furlough days than lower earners.

Employees are not permitted to report to work on the furlough days identified in this plan, except in the event of an emergency or as required in their capacity as an Essential employee.

Benefits and leave earnings will not be affected by this furlough plan.


This plan covers full- and part-time employees at the University of Maryland, College Park, except as noted below.


Faculty and Staff employees on fully State-funded appointments, or partially State-funded appointments in combination with any other funding source in the following categories are included:

- Faculty Tenured (category status code-01)
- Faculty Non-Tenured On-Track (category status code-02)
- Faculty Non-Tenured, Term Contract (category status code-03)
- Faculty Non-Tenured, Continuing (category status code-15)
- Faculty Contractual (category status code-25)
- Nonexempt Staff Regular (category status code-20)
- Nonexempt Staff, Contingent 2 (category status code-22)
- Exempt Staff Regular (category status code-33)
- Exempt Staff, Contingent 2 (category status code-35)
- New hires in eligible categories who are appointed prior to February 1, 2010, effective from the pay period of appointment.

The following categories are excluded from the plan:
- Employees with appointments that are 100% Contract and Grant-funded on September 15, 2009. Should funding change to include state funding after 9/15/2009, employees will be assessed the amount they would otherwise have been responsible for from the pay period of change.
- Student hourly employees
- Graduate Assistants
- H1-B Visa holders
- Nonexempt, Contingent 1 Staff (category status code-31)
- Exempt, Contingent 1 (category status code-34)
- Faculty Hourly (category status code-36)
- Faculty Non-Regular, Non-Tenured (category status code-37-with the exception of Overloads, which will be included in furlough calculations)
- Faculty and staff appointed on or after February 1, 2010

For employees eligible under the FY2010 Furlough Plan, the FP obligation (target) will be based on the employee's total full-time equivalent salary, plus salary additions for administrative increments, acting increments, teaching and non-teaching overloads, and all other salary additions to pay (except health and retirement subsidies) on September 15, 2009.

To determine the number of furlough days for part-time employees, the full-time equivalent salary is used. The salaries of part-time employees will also include salary additions, as above. The daily salary reductions are at the part-time rate.

Summer session and winter term teaching increments will be excluded from the FP target determination.

The FP target will be achieved by a combination of campus closure days, and additional furlough days for the higher salary levels. Eligible employees will have their total FP target reflected as a temporary salary reduction taken in equal amounts in each of the pay periods from pay period 08 through pay period 24.

Total Furlough Target (Days) -- Employee's Total FTE Salary (Full-Time Equivalency with Salary Additions as of September 15, 2009)
2 days - $29,999 and under
3 days - $30,000 to $49,999
4 days - $50,000 to $69,999
5 days - $70,000 to $89,999
6 days - $90,000 to $114,999
7 days - $115,000 to $139,999
8 days - $140,000 to $169,999
9 days - $170,000 to $199,999
10 days - $200,000 and above
APPEALS Appeals to the amount of the furlough obligation may be made to the Director of University Human Resources. Appeals may be on the basis of:
- a reduction in base pay that occurred during the FY2010 FP
- expiration of an addition to pay that was included in the computation
- reduction in FTE
- or other similar circumstance

The campus will be closed for four days during FY2010 as part of the FP, in addition to the regular holiday and administrative leave days published with the campus academic calendar. The campus closure days are:

December 23 and 24, 2009, and
March 17 and 18, 2010

With the campus closure days, eligible employees will have their salaries temporarily reduced by up to four days, consistent with the employee's FP target detailed in the salary table. This temporary salary reduction will be taken in equal installments from the employee's paycheck in each of the 17 pay periods between September 27, 2009 (pay period 08), and the end of the plan on May 22, 2010 (pay period 24). The first paycheck affected by this reduction will be October 16, 2009.

Campus closure days will be recorded as "Admin Leave-Furlough Plan" (paid leave) days on the PHR timesheet or Faculty Leave Record, based on the eligible employee's FP target detailed in the salary table. Tracking of Faculty Contractual employees (category status 25) must be maintained within their departments.

Employees who are excluded from the FP, as well as those required to take fewer than the four days covered by the campus closure, must take accrued annual leave, personal leave, or nonexempt comp time to get paid for those days during the balance of the campus closure period. For example:
- An employee who has a two-day FP target will use the first two of the campus closure days to achieve the required target, and then they must use annual leave, personal leave, or nonexempt comp time to be paid for the remaining two days of the campus closure.

- A faculty or staff employee whose appointment is 100% grant-funded must use four days of annual leave, personal leave, or nonexempt comp time to be paid for the period of the campus closure.

Note: Staff employees receive three personal leave days on January 1 of each year. Therefore, those employees who have fewer furlough days than campus closure days can take Personal Leave days to be paid for those closure days after January 1, 2010. In addition, under existing policy, staff employees may be advanced annual leave under certain circumstances when recommended by their supervisor.

Some faculty and staff employees covered by the FP are required to take more than the four salary reduction days covered by the campus closures. These employees will have their salaries temporarily reduced over 17 pay periods by additional day(s) to meet their FP target.

Additional salary reduction days that are required as part of the employee's FP target will be also taken in equal installments from the employee's paycheck in each of the 17 pay periods between September 27, 2009, (pay period 08), and the end of the plan on May 22, 2010 (pay period 24).

These additional salary reduction days off are to be scheduled by the employee, with supervisory approval. As with the campus closure days, Additional Salary Reduction Days will also be recorded as "Admin Leave-Furlough Plan" days on the PHR timesheet or Faculty Leave Record. Tracking of Faculty Contractual employees must be maintained within their departments.


Additional information is available on the "UM Budget Central" website at www.budgetcentral.umd.edu. This website has a variety of informational resources that have been developed, including a Responses to Frequently Asked Questions link that provides greater detail on the FY2010 Furlough Plan. This information will also be available on the University Human Resources website at www.uhr.umd.edu.

For telephone assistance, you may contact the PHR Service Center at 301.405.7575.

This note was authorized for distribution to University of Maryland Community by: Vice President Ann G. Wylie