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Participants needed for paid study on ROMANTIC LOVE ($10)

Where: Biology - Psychology : 0125
Event Type(s): Other

Are you in love? Participate in the LOVE & COGNITION study!

The study will be a single session of 60 min, conducted at our laboratory in the Department of Psychology. You will earn $10.

Requirements: You must
a) be 18-40 years old;
b) be in love;
c) have fallen in love less than 9 months ago;
d) not be taking psychoactive drugs, including Zoloft, Ritalin, and drugs of abuse;
e) have no known psychological condition, including ADD, depression, PTSD, and clinical anxiety; and
f) have no known neurological condition, including stroke, seizure, brain tumor, or closed head injury;
g) not be pregnant;
h) not be color-blind;

For more information, contact:
Sandra Langeslag
+1 301 405 5788

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