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DIVERSITY TIP OF THE WEEK: "That's So Gay!" Is Not Okay

Event Type(s): Other,Diversity

"That's so gay!" is a put-down that sends a message that we're not welcoming of people of all sexual orientations. Our words and phrases and slang expressions can have a big impact on the climate of the campus, even when we don't mean it that way. When we hear comments like this, it's helpful if we can participate in the conversation to try to educate or to let others know that we don't agree. "Could you please repeat what you said?" or "What did you mean by that?" might be ways to respond. We can add: "I don't find that very inclusive. What if instead you said 'That's so silly?'" Together, we can find words and expressions that don't diminish others, in order to foster a campus where all feel welcomed.

-- Contributed by Nicholas S. Sakurai, M.A, M.B.A.

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Jenny Denton
Office of Diversity & Inclusion
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