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DIVERSITY TIP OF THE WEEK: Communicate Your Appreciation

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We are fortunate to work on a campus that is remarkably beautiful. But that beauty, service and cleanliness do not happen on their own. There is a dedicated staff of landscapers, custodians, housekeepers and cooks who prepare the campus each day so that we can arrive at a place that gives us Terp pride. Because this often happens outside of our direct view, we sometimes forget that a great deal of effort was spent on our behalf. When you see something beautiful on campus or have a great meal, consider expressing gratitude by saying something, sending an email or making a phone call. Letting people know their work is appreciated is very affirming.

-- Contributed by Mark Brimhall-Vargas, Ph.D.

For more information, contact:
Jenny Denton
Office of Diversity & Inclusion
+1 301 405 6810

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