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PSLA Lecture Series: 9/11, Dr. Joy Ward, "Plant Responses to Changing [CO2]: Last Glacial Period Through the Future", 4:00 pm, PLS 1130

When: Wednesday, September 11, 2013 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Where: Plant Sciences : 1130
Event Type(s): Seminar

PSLA Lecture Series: Dr. Joy Ward, University of Kansas. Seminar: "Plant Responses to Changing [CO2]: Last Glacial Period Through the Future"
Dr. Ward's is aimed at understanding the effects of changing atmospheric [CO2] on the physiology, growth, and development of plants. Focus is on a large time continuum spanning conditions of the last glacial period through the future, and therefore encompassing long-term evolutionary change. She incorporates glacial plant specimens that were preserved in the La Brea tar pits in southern California and ancient bogs in New Zealand. A wide variety of techniques is used including stable isotope analysis, genomic approaches, and quantitative genetics. Although we know a great deal about plant responses to [CO2] within a single generation, we know far less about how changing conditions will alter plant growth and development over multiple generations. Her research has focused on reducing these critical gaps in our knowledge.

For more information, contact:
Susan E. Burk
+1 301 405 6244

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