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Mandarin Speakers - Participate in a psych study for money!

Where: Biology - Psychology : 3150
Event Type(s): Other

Are you a native speaker of Mandarin who has learned English as a second language and are fluent in daily communication using English? If so, you could earn $10 by participating in a study at the University of Maryland Department of Psychology. We are investigating the cognitive mechanisms involved in switching between languages. To participate in this study, you must be at least 18 years old, be a native speaker of Mandarin, have learned English as your second language, and be fluent in daily communication using English. Participation in this study will involve a one-hour session, scheduled at your convenience. You will be compensated $10 for your time. Interested? If so, please email

For more information, contact:
Nicholas Davey & Angela Xiaoxue He

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