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Looking for Something to Do? Make $8! (Speech Perception Experiment)

Where: LeFrak 0110
Event Type(s): Other

Are you between 18 and 45 years old? Are you a native speaker of English? Do you have normal hearing? If your answer to all three of those questions was "yes", you may be eligible to participate in a pair of speech perception studies being run out of the Hearing and Speech and Linguistics departments.

One of these studies is a study of the development of speech categories. If you participate, you will be listening to speech sounds and learning to associate them with colored squares. Another is a simple speech perception study. If you participate, you will be listening to sentences of English and writing down what you hear. You will be compensated $8 for your participation, which will last at most 60 minutes for both studies combined.

We have plenty of convenient time slots over the next couple of weeks.

For more information, contact:
Chris Heffner
Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences

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