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Colonial Intersections: Reconsidering the Historical, the Literary, and the Visual Archives

When: Thursday, October 11, 2012 - Saturday, October 13, 2012
Where: St. Mary’s Hall : Oct. 11, Mexican Cultural Institute, Oct. 12, Library Congress : Multipurpose Room
Event Type(s): Conference

Colonial Intersections is a three-day symposium that will bring together historians, literary critics and art historians specializing in Colonial Latin America to present their new projects and reflect on the extent to which colonial studies dealing with the larger Iberian-American world have been transformed in the last twenty years. Building upon transatlantic and hemispheric approaches and taking nuanced methodologies into account, the symposium will display the ways in which interdisciplinary spaces have been constructed; explore their potential for innovation, and open up new avenues of inquiry. We envision this meeting as an opportunity to establish a dialogue among three academic disciplines, which, by virtue of having been among the most innovative in the advancement of Colonial Studies, have recast the cultural, symbolic, and aesthetic order of the New World in a different light, revealing the multiple confluence of the visual, the literary, and the historical.

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