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MITH Digital Dialogue: Ethan Watrall, "Archaeology and the Big Tent of the Digital Humanities"

When: Thursday, October 04, 2012 12:30 PM - 1:45 PM
Where: Hornbake : MITH Conference Room : 0301
Event Type(s): Lecture

Recently, there has been much discussion about "the big tent" as a metaphor to define and delineate the boundaries of the Digital Humanities. This metaphor has invariably led to debate as to who is in this "tent," and who is not -- essentially, who is a member of the digital humanities community (or who is a digital humanist), and who is not. Curiously, archaeology (especially anthropological archaeology) is largely absent from this discussion. Archeologists rarely publish in the same places as digital humanists. For the most part, archaeologists do not seek funding from the same agencies (and programs) that digital humanists commonly turn to. It is also rare to see archaeologists at digital humanities conferences (or unconferences). In fact, many in the archaeological community aren't even aware that the digital humanities exist. To extend the metaphor, they are so far from the tent, they can't even see it.


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