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Summer SALSA Class!!!!!

When: Wednesday, June 27, 2012 11:45 AM - Friday, July 06, 2012 11:00 AM
Event Type(s): Other

The Dept. of Kinesiology has added a Salsa Dance course offered for the first time this summer.

Students, faculty and staff can register for the class!

Known as KNES131D Beginners Salsa (1-credit), Students will learn Cuban-style Salsa, the lively, group form of Salsa. The dance is done by couples in a circle, with frequent partner exchanges, so everyone dances with everyone else. The moves covered in class can be done by one couple dancing Salsa, as well as in the group formation. Students will learn a wide variety of Salsa moves with good technique to prevent injury. The class will feature a short cardio workout, doing Salsa footwork fast for aerobic exercise. Students will learn about Salsa history, and will read some of the research on how movement, music, and socialization promote stress reduction, improved coping skills, and physical & mental well-being. The class is appropriate for beginners, but dancers of all skill levels will be challenged.



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