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Help us better understand bilinguals and learners of a second language

Where: Biology - Psychology : Bio-Psych 3150
Event Type(s): Other

Help us better understand how bilinguals and learners of a second
language control which language they speak in! We are seeking native
English speakers with upper level Spanish coursework or who have studied
abroad in a Spanish-speaking country. In this study, you will name pictures
in both English and Spanish and perform some simple computer tasks.
You will also be asked to fill out simple questionnaires about your linguistic

Participants must be 18 or older, be a native speaker of English, and have
taken at least one upper level university course in Spanish. Participation
will require 1 hour of your time and you will receive $10 for participating.
For more information or to schedule a time to participate, please contact
Jared Linck at

For more information, contact:
Jared Linck
+1 301 405 0000

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