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Risk Communications Training Project Internship Availbale for the Spring

Where: Symons Hall
Event Type(s): Other

The RCT Project involves the development, delivery, and evaluation of a program focused on training local leaders in the US on effective risk communication practices related to homeland-security threats. The intern will assist with the development of the training modules, which include risk communication planning; analyzing and engaging your audience; exploring and understanding the phases of events; working within a changing media landscape; and risk communication evaluation. Tasks will include, but are not limited to: Researching and/or developing audiovisual elements for trainings, e.g. videos, drafting written training materials, researching a location for pilot trainings & utilizing the existing risk communication training inventory to pull out best practice examples.
Qualifications: An interest in training development, familiarity with communication & Microsoft office suite (Adobe Creative Suite a plus), ability to work independently, at least 60 university credits.


For more information, contact:
Sarah Fishering
+1 301 405 6600

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