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RSS Feeds

What is RSS and How do I Use It?

Get the latest For Your Information digest postings sent directly to your computer, cell phone, or PDA. It's free, and easy to do using what's called RSS - or Really Simple Syndication. RSS gives you the power to decide which FYI event notices to receive from the University of Maryland on a daily basis.

You can subscribe to the default FYI feed which will include notices for ALL event types OR you can customize your own FYI feed by choosing exactly what types of event notices to receive.

For more information on RSS and how to subscribe, please visit the RSS Instructions posted on the IT Help Desk

Default Feed

This feed includes notices for ALL types of events. To subscribe to this feed, click on the XML icon below, and then copy the URL displayed into your RSS reader or news aggregator.

XML FYI Digest Postings (A listing of ALL the postings sent out to the FYI mailing list today.)

Customize your RSS feed by event type!

If you would only like to receive notices for specific event types, such as Athletics or Concerts, then follow these instructions to generate your own custom FYI feed.

Select the categories for which you would like to receive notices (You may select as many as you like). Then, click "Generate Feed". You will be taken to a page that displays your custom feed. To subscribe to your custom feed, simply copy the link displayed into your RSS reader or news aggregator.

Include the following types of events in my custom feed:

Other Art Exhibition Athletics Colloquium Community Service Concert Conference Dance Performance Diversity Forum Health Lecture Training MCE Meeting Movie/Film/Video Recreation Seminar Special Event Theatre Performance

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