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Avian Flu Pandemic Plan
Pre-Level 1
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4

Areas of Institutional Response:

•Academic Programs
Health and Safety
Student LIfe
Administrative Services
Transportation and Controlled Access


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Recovery Level: Recovery stage once pandemic is under controlCampus poised to re-open

Institution Wide:
•Re-opening procedures and timetable will be communicated via e-mail, web, and media.

•Student return policy and procedures will be announced via e-mail and Web (e.g., health and safety precautions, what to expect, what to bring, and pro-rata credits for unused portions of services).
Academic Program:
In coordination with other response teams and with USM, Academic Affairs will coordinate the resumption of classes and other academic activities.
Health and Safety
Health Center and Counseling Center services will return to normal operations.
Student Life
Resident Life, Residential Facilities and Fraternity and Sorority Life staff will:
•Continue security program for unoccupied halls and houses.

•Implement cleaning protocols and inspections required before residents can return; reinstate cleaning contracts for houses.

•Conduct 'by room verifications' or similar process to determine which residents have not returned by certain key dates.
Administrative Services
•All staff will return to work.

•Pay distribution plan will be implemented, including last pay for hourly employees (assume paid Administrative Leave by regular salaried employees).
Financial Management—Funding Additional Costs:
•In order to assess impacts to University financial position, it will be necessary to immediately determine any modifications to the current refund policies for tuition, fees and other services.

•The University does have sufficient reserves to handle some level of additional emergency costs. Should these costs begin to grow, then the University would have to look at other alternatives for funding. This would require that Executive Officers and members of the Finance Committee convene to determine the possibility of redirecting funds from certain projects, deferring facility renewal projects, or borrowing externally or internally.

•A major flu pandemic would be a national, or at least a regional, issue of significant impact. Therefore, it would be likely that Federal and/or State emergency funding could be made available to the University.
Transportation and Controlled Access
•All campus gates will re-open and transportation services will return to regularly scheduled operations.

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