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Avian Flu Pandemic Plan
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Appendix P: Evacuation of Residence Halls and Fraternity and Sorority Houses [PDF]

Department of Transportation Services Management Plan

June 12, 2006

In the event of an evacuation, the University will transport students to either New Carrollton Metro Station or BWI Airport by the most direct route possible.

New Carrollton Metro Station provides connections to: local WMATA (Washington, DC) MetroRail and MetroBus service, regional MARC (Maryland) rail service, and national Amtrak rail service. Passengers may also use the MetroRail system to connect with regional VRE (Virginia) rail service at Union Station, regional and national Greyhound bus service at Union Station, and Reagan National Airport.

BWI Airport provides connections to: regional MARC (Maryland) rail service and local MTA (Baltimore) rail service. A round-trip to New Carrollton Metro Station will require 1 hour and a round-trip to BWI Airport will require 1.5 hours.

The evacuation of the University's residence halls and fraternity and sorority houses will be performed in an orderly and coordinated manner. Each residential community will have an assigned boarding location. In the case of transit buses, vehicles may be filled to capacity (including standees) prior to departure. Separate vehicles will be used to transport personal belongings to ensure passenger safety (no blocked emergency exits) and to facilitate the quick and orderly boarding/alighting of passengers. In the case of motor coaches, no standees will be permitted and personal belongings will be transported in the luggage compartments on board each motor coach. The exact amount of personal belongings each passenger may transport will be decided according to the availability of resources.

The number of bus trips needed per community is an estimate based on an average passenger load of 75 passengers per transit bus per trip, and includes one personal belongings bus for every 225 passengers. Passengers with special mobility needs (wheelchairs, crutches) will be transported on lift-equipped vans or other transit vehicles.

The worst-case scenario of evacuating the entire campus as quickly as possible would require 30 buses and 9 hours of service to accommodate the 206 trips listed below. However, the evacuation will more likely be spread out over a period of 3 or 4 days. In this case, the 30 buses will operate on 2 loops around campus with half of the buses on each loop traveling to the New Carrollton Metro Station and the other half traveling to BWI Airport. The North Loop will serve the North Campus residence halls and The Courtyards Apartments. The South Loop will serve the North Hill, South Hill, South Campus Commons, Leonardtown, Fraternity Row, and Graham Cracker facilities. These loops will operate from 7:00 a.m. until 12:00 am.m. during the evacuation period, with a bus departing from campus on each loop once every 15 minutes. Route maps will be posted on the DOTS websiteand made available to Department of Resident Life and Fraternity and Sorority Life staff.

Information will be made available through the DOTS website and all other possible communication channels concerning this evacuation plan and other transportation options. These other options include: local taxicab service providers, rental car companies, U-Haul and Ryder-type vehicle rental companies, and local/regional for-hire van or bus transportation companies.

The following is a list of boarding locations and the maximum number of passengers expected at each location based on housing figures according to community/area:
Denton Community
Boarding Location: Valley Drive in front of Elkton Hall
Number of Passengers: Total of 1,663
Denton Hall (542), Easton Hall (566), Elkton Hall (555)

Ellicott Community
Boarding Location: Farm Drive in front of La Plata Hall
Number of Passengers: Total of 1,816
Ellicott Hall (607), La Plata Hall (641), Hagerstown Hall (568)

Cambridge Community
Boarding Location: Farm Drive in front of Cambridge Hall
Number of Passengers: Total of 1,502
Cambridge Hall (223), Cumberland Hall (489), Bel Air
Hall (119), Chestertown Hall (126), Centreville Hall (545)

North Hill
Boarding Location: Preinkert Drive between Somerset Hall and Preinkert Field House
Number of Passengers: Total of 1,218
St. Mary's Hall (106), Dorchester Hall (179), Anne
Arundel Hall (109), Queen Anne's Hall (119), Somerset Hall (127), Wicomico Hall (162), Worcester Hall (166), Carroll Hall (121), Caroline Hall (129)

South Hill
Boarding Location: Parking lot U1 behind South Campus Dining Hall
Number of Passengers: Total of 1,518
Allegany Hall (208), Baltimore Hall (96), Calvert Hall (128), Cecil Hall (87), Charles Hall (108), Frederick Hall (74), Garrett Hall (73), Harford Hall (115), Howard Hall (35), Kent Hall (79), Montgomery Hall (282), Prince George's Hall (69), Talbot Hall (49), Washington Hall (115)

South Campus Commons
Boarding Location: Parking lot U1 behind South Campus Dining Hall
Number of Passengers: Total of 1,823

Leonardtown Community
Boarding Location: Yale Avenue adjacent to the Leonardtown Community Center
Number of Passengers: Total of 640
New Leonardtown (396), Old Leonardtown (244)

Fraternity Row
Boarding Location: Yale Avenue adjacent to the Leonardtown Community Center
Number of Passengers: Total of 500

Graham Cracker
Boarding Location: Yale Avenue between College Avenue and Knox Road
Number of Passengers: Total of 250

The Courtyards
Boarding Location: Parking lot in front of building #400
Number of Passengers: Total of 700

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