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Avian Flu Pandemic Plan
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Areas of Institutional Response:

•Academic Programs
•Health and Safety
•Student LIfe
•Administrative Services
•Transportation and Controlled Access

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Appendix K: Emergency Plan for Dining Services [PDF]

To be Utilized for the Avian Flu or other Temporary Campus Closing (TCC)

June 9, 2006

Dining Services will make every effort to provide food and water during an emergency; however, there may be staffing and food supply issues that may cause interruptions in service.

•Signs will be placed at each point of business that advises customers of the declared emergency, the hours dining service will be open and the Web site www.dining.umd.edu for updated Avian Flu information.

•Signs will be posted announcing the closing of each Satellite Snack Bar in classroom buildings, convenience stores, Stamp Student Union Food Court, Adele's Restaurant and Mulligan's Grill.

•Good Tidings catering and Goodies To Go will contact customers to notify them that services will be suspended during TCC.

Dining Services will provide food on a limited schedule to the extent able given staff and food supply issues.
•The day that campus announces it will close, all Dining Services locations will complete service that same day, but Late Night service in both dining halls will be suspended immediately to discourage gathering of groups of people who may be at risk.

•If an academic or administrative building closes completely the day of the announcement, any Dining Services snack bar in that building will close as well.

•On Days 2 and 3 after the University announces the closure of campus, food will be provided in South Campus Dining Hall and The Ellicott Diner.

•After that until the campus is completely closed, food will be provided at only at South Campus Dining Hall.

•Service will be available only for Brunch (10:30 am to 1:30 pm) and for Dinner (4:30 pm to 6:30 pm).

•Only carry out service will provided with disposable utensils.

•Food will be picked up from the entrance lobby of each dining hall.

•Carry out containers will be labeled with their contents, but there will not be any choice of foods.

•The most perishable foods will be utilized first, taking into consideration the staff available to process. Food will be cooked on site as needed. Service may be unpredictable due to staffing and food availability. Additionally, items prepared and served may be limited by utilities available.

•The availability of food items will determine the menu (vendors may not be available to provide products due to related illness within their company).

•Each person will be limited to one meal (entr´┐Że, side dish and beverage) during each meal time; due to limited staff and food supplies, it will not be possible to accommodate unlimited portions per person.

•Each person will swipe their own card for the meal provided using a portable card reader.

•Only meal plan IDs and credit cards will be accepted. Individuals will not be able to purchase food at a Dining Services facility with cash.
Staff Issues:
•Because of the nature of the illness, it is recommended that University Staff and Faculty who work should bring food and water from home to sustain them throughout their work shift.

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