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Avian Flu Pandemic Plan
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Areas of Institutional Response:

•Academic Programs
•Health and Safety
•Student LIfe
•Administrative Services
•Transportation and Controlled Access

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Appendix J: Temporary Campus Closing [PDF]

Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life

June 12, 2006

•All students will make arrangements to leave campus and vacate University-owned* Fraternity and Sorority Houses.

•The timing in the academic year of the temporary campus closing (TCC) will determine issues for vacating premises and subsequent check out.

•48 hours is adequate lead-time for a closure, ideally an additional 24-48 hours would be useful.

•Fraternity and sorority house residents, if absolutely necessary, will utilize the temporary shelter provided in Leonardtown outlined in DRL/F plan.

•Reopening lead-time would be at least one week.
Closing Procedures:
•If the closure is not near the end of the academic year, students may choose to leave some of their possessions in their rooms. However, if possible, students should plan to vacate their rooms completely.

•Students in University-owned* properties will be expected to:
  • remove all perishable items from their rooms and unplug refrigerators
  • remove all trash and recyclables from their rooms
  • unplug all electrical appliances
  • close all windows
  • lock door when leaving
  • pack and take all valuables as necessary including medicines, important documents, academic materials, etc.
  • inform Residential Fellow or House Director of departure
  • monitor the University and OFSL websitefor updates
•Alumni House Corporations will be expected to:
  • remove all perishables items from kitchen areas
  • remove all trash and recyclables from common areas
  • unplug all appropriate electrical appliances (freezers excluded)
  • pack and store valuables from the chapter house as appropriate
  • determine, in conjunction with OFSL Facilities staff, a staging area for resident belongings if appropriate (in the advent of a lengthy closure and time allows for packing student rooms)
  • prepare a contingency plan regarding room and board credits (if necessary) for their residents
  • monitor the University and OFSL websitefor updates
•At closure, all card access will be removed for all residents until the TCC has been lifted. The University will secure Graham Cracker Houses during the TCC to increase security and limit access.

•OFSL will maintain 24-hour on-call coverage for the duration of the TCC.
*The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life will share its planning and closing procedures with off-campus, privately owned fraternity and sorority houses for their information. The Office will be willing to assist these properties and their House Corporations as planning occurs.

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