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Avian Flu Pandemic Plan
Pre-Level 1
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4

Areas of Institutional Response:

•Academic Programs
•Health and Safety
•Student LIfe
•Administrative Services
•Transportation and Controlled Access

Avian Flu Plan: Appendices > Appendix A <- You Are Here

Appendix A: Communication Roll Out Plan Preliminary Timeline [PDF]

Summer 2006
•Send Draft Plan to USM Administration—June 30

•Update UMD Avian Flu website(with Avian Flu Pandemic Plan, and resources—July 30

•Develop materials for fall meetings with divisions and students.
Fall 2006
September 2006
•Official launch of educational campaign (materials, campus pamphlets, and giveaways)

•Send campus-wide e-mail from the President/Provost (re: Plan in place and its location on the website, Fall 06 awareness activities planned)—September 15

•Develop a letter to the parents of all freshman and sophomore students about UMD's emergency response plan (Message: "Be prepared, we are."). Include information about the implications to parents if the campus is closed. Confirm all personal contact info (e.g., e-mail and postal addresses). Let them know that we will be talking about this issue with our campus community early this fall, etc.—September 15

•Distribute letter and campus-wide pamphlet to the University community (also include in pay stubs)—September 15

•Update website to include What You Should Know in PDF format—September 15

•Hold divisional meetings (discuss plan, talk about academic and facilities contingencies, encourage faculty to talk about plans with their students, direct deposit, health and counseling services, essential employees, and need for departmental closing plans, Q/A, etc.). Distribute What You Should Know pamphlets.

•Meet with student leaders (include discussion of potential closing implications, emergency health and counseling resources, the need for emergency alternative housing, transportation, payroll, alternatives for continued study, etc.) . Distribute What You Should Know pamphlets.

•Ongoing updates to the website and members of the University community as needed.

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