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Police Emergency
On-campus phone 911
Off-campus Call (301) 405-3333
(UMD Police) or 911
Non-Emergency Call:
(301) 405-3555
Other Police Numbers

Fire Emergency
Dial 911

Police On-campus contingency phone call:
(301) 403-4543 or
(301) 403-4544

University Health Center
(301) 314-8180

UMD ALERTS: www.alert.umd.edu



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University of Maryland Emergency Plans for Pandemic Flu

The University of Maryland has taken several measures to prepare the campus for a pandemic flu event.
University of Maryland has formed a Pandemic Flu Assessment Team of campus experts and key response departments to conduct pre-event planning and prepare specific pandemic flu response procedures.

University of Maryland has developed procedures and plans for supporting ill students who reside on campus, if it becomes necessary.

University of Maryland is providing flu prevention information to students, faculty and staff, including this web site and our handwashing campaign.

University of Maryland is working with the Prince Georges County Health Department and the State of Maryland to make sure our preparations and plans are consistent with theirs. In an outbreak or pandemic, those agencies have authority to direct public health actions, including quarantine.

University of Maryland has an all-hazard Emergency Plan that details responsibilities, chain of command and response actions.
University of Maryland Avian Flu Pandemic Plan
Flu Resources

What You Should Know About the Avian Flu and University of Maryland Plans for a Possible Pandemic [PDF]

What Every Maryland Student Should Know About the Avian Flu and University of Maryland Plans for a Possible Pandemic [PDF]

University Health Center

Flu Prevention Tips for Terps

State of Maryland

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

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