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Police Emergency
On-campus phone 911
Off-campus Call (301) 405-3333
(UMD Police) or 911
Non-Emergency Call:
(301) 405-3555
Other Police Numbers

Fire Emergency
Dial 911

Police On-campus contingency phone call:
(301) 403-4543 or
(301) 403-4544

University Health Center
(301) 314-8180

UMD ALERTS: www.alert.umd.edu



Emergency Preparedness > Emergency Procedures and Action Plans <- You Are Here

Utility Failures


  • Report Utility Failures in campus buildings to the Facilities Management Work Control Center by calling (301) 405-2222
  • Report Utility Failures in Residence Halls and on-campus Greek houses to the Facilities Center by calling (301) 314-WORK.
  • Be prepared to provide the following information:
    • Your name
    • Phone number where you can be reached
    • Building name
    • Nature of incident
    • Floor(s) or area affected
    • Room number

Electrical Failures

  • Facilities Management will assess the situation and determine the appropriate course of action.
  • In buildings equipped with emergency generators, the emergency generator will provide limited electricity to crucial areas of the building, inclusive of the fire alarm system and emergency lighting.  Fire alarm systems also have 24 hours of battery back-up.
  • Some building’s emergency lighting source is provided by battery, and will have a limited amount of time the emergency lighting will remain on.  In this instance, you should evacuate the building when emergency lighting comes on: this is especially important if there is limited or no natural lighting available along your exit path.  Do not reenter the building until the power has been restored.
  • Turn off all electrical equipment, including computers.  Do not turn any equipment back on until power has been restored or you are advised to do so by Facilities Management.
  • In the event of an extended, campus wide, or area wide power outage, instructions and information will be provided through the UMD Emergency Text Alert and Early Warning systems.
  • Elevators will not function during a power failure.  Use the stairs to evacuate the building.
  • If you are trapped in an elevator, use the elevator’s emergency phone to notify Facilities Management.  If there is no emergency phone in the elevator, trigger the elevator’s emergency alarm button.

Steam Leaks

  • If the steam leak is inside a building, evacuate the area and close the door behind you.  Steam can cause severe burns, displace oxygen, and moisture from steam can conduct electricity.
  • A steam leak may cause the buildings fire alarm to sound.  Even if you have ascertained the problem is a steam leak, exit the building immediately.

Water Leaks/Flooding
In the event of water leaks, try to contain the leakage in a container to minimize damage or safety hazards.  If it is a significant water leak, avoid the areas where water has accumulated, and wait for help.  Water makes an excellent conductor of electricity: thus electric shock is a strong possibility.

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