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Coordinating Council for Equity and Diversity

The University of Maryland is nationally and internationally known for its outstanding equity and diversity efforts. A major key to the institution's success in these arenas is its decentralized equity and diversity structure. This structure encourages the campus' conceptualizations of equity and diversity as "community responsibilities" rather than the purview of a single person's role and function or office's mission.

As the university continues to grow so too do its equity and diversity initiatives, creating the need for coordinated oversight and communication on these initiatives to ensure their continued quality, growth, and success.

Toward this end, Dr. Robert Waters, Dr. Lee Thornton, Ms. Cynthia Edmunds, and Gloria Bouis—collectively responsible for supervision of the totality of equity and diversity undertakings across campus—work collaboratively to continuously build and sustain campus-wide equity and diversity efforts.

  • For more information on Affirmative Action contact Dr. Robert Waters, Special Assistant to the President for Diversity and Equity at 301.405.5793.

  • For more information about the University Diversity and Inclusion Code or campus-wide diversity programs for Faculty, Staff, and Students contact Gloria Bouis, Executive Director, Office of Diversity and Inclusion at 301.405.2842.

  • For more information about equity and diversity for Faculty contact Dr. Lee Thornton, Associate Provost for Equity and Diversity at 301.405.7227.

  • For more information about equity and diversity for Staff contact Cynthia Edmunds, Assistant to the President at 301.405.0805.

  • For more information about graduate student diversity contact Dr. Carol S. Parham, Associate Dean, the Graduate School at 301.405.3580.

  • For more information about undergraduate curricular diversity contact the Office of Undergraduate Studies at 301.405.9363.

  • Click here to download the Equity and Diversity Organizational Chart (PDF format).