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Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014


The University of Maryland encourages applicants to seek AP credit so that academically successful students may move forward in their programs at an appropriate pace. However, credit is not granted for all exams offered by the College Board. Credits are accepted and courses are exempted, based on departmental approval, according to the chart below. Students should arrange to have their scores sent directly to the University of Maryland from the Educational Testing Service; the code is 5814. Students should also inform their advisors at Orientation that they anticipate receiving AP credit because this information may affect their placement in subject-matter courses.

If a student has already received AP credit at another institution, this credit will be reevaluated. The score received must be equivalent to the minimum score the University of Maryland accepted at the time the test was taken; otherwise, the credit will not be eligible for transfer. AP credits that are accepted are recorded as transfer credit on University of Maryland records and figure in the total number of credits earned toward graduation. Students may not receive AP credit for an equivalent course taken at the University of Maryland or elsewhere. If students earn credit in a course equivalent to an AP exam for which they also earned credit, the AP credit will be deleted from their records. Students should check with their advisors for detailed information on the assignment of AP credit.

Please note that the chart represents a general outline of AP credit. In all cases, credit is available only for grades of 3 or higher, subject to ongoing departmental reevaluation. All departments reserve the right to reevaluate the content of exams and to change the assignment of credit and course equivalencies. Any new exams offered after February 15 may or may not be evaluated by the appropriate department. Students should check with their advisor at Orientation.

Certain departments, particularly Mathematics and Physics, have separate criteria for placement in courses and the assignment of credit. Students should check with those departments for additional information. All entering freshmen will be placed in math courses according to the University of Maryland math placement exam.

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