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Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014

Office of Multi-Ethnic Student Education (OMSE)

1101 Hornbake Library
301-405-5615 or 405-5616

The Office of Multi-ethnic Student Education at UMD provides services marketed toward over 10,000 multi-ethnic students.  Many of the students served by OMSE are achieving at high rates of personal and professional excellence. Nevertheless, there are others who are experiencing academic and personal challenges as outlined in the Office of Institutional Research Planning and Assessment, UMCP data on undergraduate retention and graduation rates. OMSE provides programs and resources that support the academic, personal, and professional excellence of students.  The mission of the Office of Multi-ethnic Student Education is directly linked to the elimination of the achievement gap at the University of Maryland. With that goal in mind, OMSE provides direct and indirect services through programs such as a walk-in tutorial program, study lab,  computer lab with disability services software, weekly honors program, mentoring program, Check Ups, Academic Excellence Society, College Success Scholars, Road Map to Success, the annual American Indian Powwow and a myriad of services that recognize the multiple identities of students.

OMSE's services emphasize the importance of "seeing" all students from a global, integrated perspective.  The OMSE team is dedicated to our motto of high expectations, high standards and excellence. The political and historical patterns of the University of Maryland continue to frame our unwavering commitment to address the climate of indifference, racial/diversity incompetence and misinformed perspectives that continue to permeate the everyday experiences of multi-ethnic students.  OMSE encourages all students to identify empowering strategies to ensure matriculation, retention, graduation, and excellent academic outcomes.



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