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Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014

Office of Diversity Education and Compliance

2411 Marie Mount Hall
Gloria J. Bouis, Executive Director

The Office of Diversity Education and Compliance(ODEC) has campus-wide responsibilities related to diversity and equity and the University of Maryland. 

Related to equity and compliance, ODEC is responsible for initiating action and providing service in compliance with institutional, state, and federal directives to provide equal education and employment opportunities for university students, faculty, and staff members. We also monitor the outcomes of actions taken in this regard, reporting our findings to the President, the Campus Senate, and to the campus community at large. We provide students, faculty, and staff with general information and training on equity efforts and on the status of equity and compliance matters at the university (e.g., sexual harassment prevention training). Students, faculty, or staff having a concern about possible inequities or who require dispute resolution services (e.g., mediation, arbitration, etc.) in educational or employment matters, or who wish to register a complaint, may contact either the Campus Compliance Officer at 301-405-2839, or a member of the Campus' Equity Council (see Equity Council in chapter 3).

ODEC also advises and assists the President and the Provost in the promotion of the university mission as it relates to multiculturalism and inclusion, broadly conceptualized (i.e., race (inclusive of color and creed); ethnicity; language; national or geographic origin; socioeconomic class (inclusive of educational level, employment status, and familial configuration); sex and gender; gender identity and expression; sexual orientation; physical, developmental, and psychological ability; religious, spiritual, faith-based, or secular affiliation; age and generation; physical appearance, environmental concern; and, on the basis of the exercise of rights secured by the First Amendment). More specifically, we facilitate the building of cooperative partnerships across campus among various constituencies of students, faculty, and staff on these issues and are oriented toward the realization of an inclusive, and therefore, affirming environment for every citizen of the university community.

To meet these equity and diversity goals, ODEC sponsors numerous initiatives that promote intergroup relationship building, cultural competence, sexual harassment and hate crimes prevention, multicultural organizational development, and processes complaints of discrimination and harassment following procedures set forth in the University's Code on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (the complete text of this Code may be found in chapter 10).

ODEC's efforts are directed toward the development of our students, faculty, and staff becoming principled leaders, predisposed to progressive action; becoming democratic citizens as outstanding in what they do, as in who they are, with respect to their commitment to furthering the tenets of equity and justice for all.


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