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Undergraduate Catalog 2015-2016

Credit Hours and Maximum Semester Credits

No baccalaureate curriculum requires fewer than 120 semester hours. The semester hour, which is the unit of credit, is the equivalent of a subject pursued one period a week for one semester. Two or three hours of laboratory or field work are equivalent to one lecture or recitation period.

In order for undergraduate students to complete most curricula in four academic years, their semester load must range from 12 to 19 hours (30 to 36 hours each year) toward the degree. By policy, undergraduates may not exceed the following maximum credit loads without the prior approval of their Dean:

15 week semester: 20 credits in a 15 week semester (16 credits prior to the first day of classes)

6 Week Summer Term: 8 credits

3 Week Term (Summer or Winter): 4 credits

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