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Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014

Honors College

Anne Arundel Hall, 301-405-6771

Director: Professor William Dorland

The Honors College is home to Maryland's highly acclaimed programs and courses for students with exceptional academic talents. Honors creates a very special community of faculty and intellectually gifted undergraduates. Small classes and outstanding teachers encourage discussion and foster innovative thinking across academic disciplines. Honors students have exclusive access to Honors living-learning program courses, Honors seminars, and Honors versions of courses offered by the academic departments on campus.

Students in the Honors College may earn an Honors College Citation on the transcript by completing coursework and requirements in an Honors Living-Learning Program and by maintaining an overall 3.2 GPA. Honors Living-Learning Programs include: ACES Cybersecurity ,  Digital Cultures and Creativity , Entrepreneurship and Innovation , Gemstone , Honors Humanities , Integrated Life Sciences , and University Honors . Acceptance of first-year students into the Honors College is competitive and by invitation based on the standard application to the University of Maryland (by November 1st for best consideration for Honors College and merit scholarships).

In addition to joining an Honors College Living-Learning Program, Honors students may apply to one of 40 Departmental Honors Programs offered by the academic departments and colleges on campus in order to take full advantage of advanced, discipline-based Honors coursework and research opportunities in their major area of study. Most departmental honors programs begin in the sophomore or junior year. Students in a Departmental Honors Program may earn departmental honors on the transcript and diploma.

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