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Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014

Letters and Sciences

1117 Hornbake Library, 301-314-8418

Assistant Dean/Director: Deborah Reid Bryant, Ph. D.
General Advising: 301-314-8418 or 8419
Pre-Law Advising: prelaw@umd.edu
Credit-by-Exam: 301-314-8418

Letters and Sciences is the academic home for students exploring a variety of fields before selecting a major, for post-baccalaureate students taking additional course work, and for non-degree seeking students taking undergraduate courses. Letters and Sciences may also serve as the academic home for students completing requirements for entry into a Limited Enrollment Program. Letters and Sciences advisors help students to select and schedule courses, plan academic programs, and learn about campus-wide resources. Letters and Sciences collaborates closely with college advising offices, academic departments, and programs across campus and provides a coordinated advising network that features:

Choosing a Major
Letters and Sciences students receive information about and referral to a wide range of academic programs and services including specialized workshop sessions. Letters and Sciences staff specialize in assisting students to develop strategies and plans for entering Limited Enrollment Programs.

Business Exploration Series
The Letters and Sciences Business Exploration Series (BES) is a multidimensional advising resource that provides LTSC students with an opportunity to explore the world of business through: exploratory seminars; business focused introduction to the University courses; valuable leadership opportunities; and access to guidance and support from knowledgeable advisors.

Interim Advising Program
Newly admitted transfer students with more than 60 credits, who were unsuccessful in gaining admission to a Limited Enrollment Program, receive advising and assistance from a Letters and Sciences professional staff member during their first two semesters on campus. For this group of students, the University waives the requirement that all students must declare a major by 60 credits.

Pre-Law Advising
Letters and Sciences offers specialized advising for students interested in law. For further information, see the section on Pre-Law Advising in this catalog and visit www.prelaw.umd.edu

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