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Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014

Resource and Agricultural Policy in Economic Development

Agricultural and Resource Economics (AREC)
2200 Symons Hall, 301-405-1291

This minor provides students with the economic knowledge necessary for analysis and understanding of policies affecting agriculture and resource use in developing countries. The 400 level courses are a truncated version of the upper-level course requirements of the AREC major. These courses focus particularly on economic analysis relevant to agricultural and development policy. AREC 365 is a course on world food supply and demand intended primarily for non-AREC majors. AREC 250 is an introductory course giving students an overview of the subject.

AREC250 Elements of Agricultural and Resource Economics 3
AREC365 World Hunger, Population and Food Supplies 3
AREC433 Food and Agricultural Policy 3
AREC445 Agricultural Development, Population Growth, and the Environment 3
AREC453 Natural Resources and Public Policy 3
  Another AREC course can be substituted for one of the courses listed with permission of the Undergraduate Advisor.  
  Total Credits 15

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