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Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014

Asian American Studies

Asian American Studies Program (AAST)

1145 Cole Student Activities Building, 301-405-0996

Director: Dr. Janelle Wong, Ph.D.

In the Asian American Studies Program (AAST) students undertake a critical study of the experiences of Asian Americans.  Through an interdisciplinary approach, students examine the histories, communities and cultures of Asian Americans as both distinctive from and connected to the broader themes for diversity, ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation and migration in the Americas.  AAST offers a 15 credit-hour minor.  For the Minor, courses may be cross-listed in other departments and some may satisfy general education requirements.

Minor Requirements:

A.  AAST Courses (6 credits):

     1.      Introduction to Asian American Studies (AAST200/AMST298C)
     2.      Asian American History and Society (AAST201/HIST219M)

 B.  Upper-level Courses (6 credits): In addition to the two required foundational courses, students will also select two additional upper-level (300/400) courses, one of which would be at the 400 level.  The following list of regular and special topics courses include: AAST222, AAST 233, AAST298, AAST 384, AAST 398,AAST 420, AAST 424, AAST 498, AAST 498

 C.  The final requirement for the Minor is the successful completion of AAST378 (Experiential Learning - 3 credits), a semester-long internship at an organization that centers its efforts on Asian American issues.  Such organizations may include governmental units, non-profit agencies, and on-campus organizations.  Alternately, students may opt for AAST388 (Independent Research - 3 credits), a semester-long research project that also centers around Asian American issues.

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