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Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014

Agribusiness Economics

Agricultural and Resource Economics (AREC)
2200 Symons Hall, 301-405-1291

This minor provides students with economic knowledge and analytical skills to apply to real world problems in agribusiness. The 400 level courses are a truncated version of the upper-level course requirements of the AREC major. These courses focus particularly on economic analysis relevant to business decisions. AREC 250 is an introductory course giving students an overview of the subject.

AREC250   Elements of Agricultural & Resource Economics 3
AREC404   Applied Price Analysis 3
AREC405   Economics of Production 3
AREC425   Economics of Food Sector 3
AREC435   Commodity Futures and Options 3
    Another AREC course can be substituted for one of the courses listed above with permission of the Undergraduate Advisor.  
    Total Credits 15


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