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Undergraduate Catalog 2015-2016

Women's Studies Certificate

College of Arts and Humanities
2101 Woods Hall, 301-405-6877

See Women's Studies Department for faculty roster.

The Women's Studies Certificate Program consists of an integrated, interdisciplinary curriculum on women and gender that is designed to supplement a student's major. Any student in good standing may enroll in the certificate program by declaring her/his intention to the Women's Studies Department. For additional information contact the Women's Studies office, 301-405-6827.

Requirements for Certificate

To qualify for a certificate in Women's Studies, a student will be required to earn 21 credits in Women's Studies courses, nine of which must be at the 300/400 level. No more than three credit hours of special topics courses may be counted toward the certificate. No more than nine credits which are applied toward a major may be included in the certificate program. No more than nine credit hours may be taken at institutions other than the University of Maryland. Each student must obtain a grade of "C-" or better in each course that is to be counted toward the certificate. An overall GPA of 2.0 in the certificate is required for graduation. Of the 21 credits, courses must be distributed as follows:

1. Requirements for the Certificate
  Foundation Courses (9 credit hours)
WMST200 Introduction to Women's Studies: Women and Society, OR
WMST250 Introduction to Women's Studies: Women, Art & Culture
WMST400 Theories of Feminism
WMST488 Senior Seminar
2. Distributive Courses  
  Area I: Arts and Literature (3 credit hours)
WMST241 Women Writers of French Expression in Translation (X-listed as FREN241)
WMST250 Introduction to Women's Studies: Women, Art, and Culture
WMST255 Introduction to Literature by Women (X-listed as ENGL255)
WMST275 World Literature by Women (X-listed as CMLT 275)
WMST281 Women in German Literature and Society (X-listed as GERM281)
WMST348 Literary Works by Women (x-listed as ENGL348)
WMST408 Special Topics in Literature by Women before 1800 (X-listed as ENGL 408)
WMST444 Feminist Critical Theory (X-listed as ENGL 444)
WMST448 Special Topics in Literature by Women of Color* (X-listed as ENGL448)
WMST458 Special Topics in Literature by Women after 1800 (X-listed as ENGL458)
WMST466 Feminist Perspective on Women in Art (X-listed as ARTH466)
WMST468 Feminist Cultural Studies
WMST481 Femmes Fatales and the Representation of Violence in Literature(X-listed as FREN481)
WMST496 African -American Women Filmmakers* (X-listed as THET 496)
FREN482 Gender and Ethnicity in Modern French Literature
  Area II: Historical Perspectives (3 credit hours)
WMST210 Women in America to 1880(X-listed as HIST 210)
WMST211 Women in America Since 1880 (X-listed as HIST 211)
WMST212 Women in Western Europe, 1750-present (X-listed as HIST212)
WMST320 Women in Classical Antiquity (X-listed as CLAS 320)
WMST453 Victorian Women in England, France, and the United States (X-listed as HIST 493)
WMST454 Women in Africa* (X-listed as HIST 494)
WMST455 Women in Medieval Culture and Society (X-listed as HIST495)
WMST456 Women in the Middle East*
WMST457 Changing Perceptions of Gender in the US: 1880-1935 (X-listed as HIST 433)
AASP313 Black Women in United States History*
AMST418J Women and Family in American Life
  Area III: Social and Natural Sciences (3 credit hours)
WMST200 Introduction to Women's Studies: Women and Society
WMST313 Women and Science (X-listed as BSCI 313)
WMST324 Communication and Gender (x-listed as COMM 324)
WMST325 Sociology of Gender (X-listed as SOCY 325)
WMST326 Biology of Reproduction (X-listed as BSCI 342)
WMST336 Psychology of Women (X-listed as PSYC 366)
WMST360 Caribbean Women*
WMST410 Women in the African Diaspora*
WMST420 Asian-American Women*
WMST425 Gender Roles and Social Institutions
WMST430 Gender Issues in Families (X-listed as FMST 430)
WMST436 Legal Status of Women (X-listed as GVPT 436)
WMST452 Women and the Media (X-listed as JOUR 452)
WMST471 Women's Health (X-listed as HLTH 471)
WMST493 Jewish Women in International Perspective*
WMST494 Lesbian Communities and Difference*
AASP498F Special Topics in Black Culture: Women and Work*
CCJS498 Special Topics in Criminology and Criminal Justice: Women and Crime 
Special Topics in Sociology: Women in the Military
*Fulfills Women's Studies Cultural Diversity Requirement

3. Courses in Cultural Diversity (3 credit hours)
Students will select one course for a minimum of 3 credit hours. Approved courses are noted with an asterisk in section 2, above. Courses in this category may overlap with other requirements.
4. Remaining Courses
The remaining courses may be chosen from any of the three distributive areas or from among any of the WMST courses including WMST 298 or 498: Special Topics and WMST 499: Independent Study.

To obtain more information, contact the Undergraduate Advisor, 301-405-6827, or write to the Women's Studies Department, 2101 Woods Hall, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742
Course Code: WMST


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