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Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014


The Robert H. Smith School of Business
1570 Van Munching Hall, 301-405-2286
Chair: M. Dresner
Professors: S. Boyson (Res Prof, Aff Res Prof), T. Corsi, M. Dresner, C. Grimm, P. Morici, R. Windle
Associate Professors: T. Anenson (Assoc Prof), W. Chung, P. Evers, R. Sampson, B. Zelner
Assistant Professors: C. Dezso, Y. Dong, S. Eckerd, G. Mark (Asst Prof), Y. Zhou (Asst Prof)
Lecturers: J. Boroumand (Lecturer, General Associate), G. Cohen (Lecturer), L. Gardner (Lecturer), R. Hutchins (Lecturer), W. McAdam (Lecturer), W. McClenahan, J. Miller, K. Nagata (Lecturer), B. Nelson (Tyser Teaching Fellow), C. Olson (Tyser Teaching Fellow), H. Turner (Tyser Teaching Fellow)
Professors Emeriti: B. Leete

The Major

Two curriculum concentrations are offered through the Logistics, Business, and Public Policy department:

Supply Chain Management
International Business

Supply Chain Management: The predominance of business activity taking place on a global scale has increased the opportunities for integrated supply chain management to have a profound impact on value chain performance.  The supply chain encompasses all organizations involved in the production of a good or service and its ultimate delivery to the end consumer. Supply chain managers oversee many varied but inter-related processes including the flows of materials and information. Within supply chain management, logistics deals primarily with the materials flow component of the supply chain, and logistics managers are responsible for fulfilling customer orders while simultaneously controlling distribution costs from a total cost perspective.  Students pursuing a supply chain major will develop theoretical, analytical, and software skills designed to prepare them for careers in a variety of fields.

International Business responds to the global interest in international economic systems and their multicultural characteristics. This degree combines the college-required courses with International Business courses and provides students the opportunity to apply a specified upper level foreign language course toward this specialization's requirements. It is strongly recommended that this program be declared in combination with another major in or outside of business in order to assure that graduates will have specialized career focus.


Admission to the Major

See Robert H. Smith School of Business entry in chapter 6 for admission requirements.

Requirements for the Major

Supply Chain Management

Course requirements for the junior-senior curriculum concentration in Supply Chain Management are as follows:

BMGT370 Introduction to Transportation 3
BMGT372 Introduction to Logistics and Supply Chain Management 3
BMGT477 International Supply Chain Management 3
  Two of the following courses: 6
BMGT373 Supply Chain Management Internship  
BMGT470 Carrier Management  
BMGT471 Seminar in Supply Chain Management: An Executive Perspective  
BMGT472 Purchasing and Inbound Logistics  
BMGT475 Supply Chain Strategy and Network Design  
BMGT476 Technology Applications in Supply Chain Management  

Special Topics in Supply Chain Management
(NOTE: a minimum of 3 credits of BMGT478 can fulfill Supply Chain Management major requirements.)

  One of the following courses: 3
BMGT302 Developing Business Applications  
BMGT332 Operations Research for Management Decisions  
BMGT385 Operations Management  
BMGT455 Sales Management  
BMGT461 Entrepreneurship
BMGT482 Business and Government
BMGT484 Electronic Marketing  
  Or one of the following not selected above:
BMGT373, 470, 471, 472, 475, 476 or 478
(NOTE: a minimum of 3 credits of BMGT478 can fulfill Supply Chain Management major requirements.)
   Total Major Requirements 18 
Upper Level Economics Requirement
One of the following courses:
ECON305 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory and Policy  
ECON306 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory  
ECON330 Money and Banking  
ECON340 International Economics  

Note: Students who have completed ECON325 and ECON326 can substitute these courses for ECON305 and ECON306 respectively.



International Business

Course requirements for the junior-senior curriculum concentration in International Business are:


BMGT392 Introduction to International Business 3
BMGT454 International Marketing  3
BMGT477 International Supply Chain Management 3
BMGT446 International Finance 3
BMGT463 Cross-cultural Challenges in Business 3
BMGT466 Global Business Strategy 3
  Total BMGT 18
ECON340 International Economics 3
  One of the following: 3
  ECON 305, 306, 315, 316, 330, 380 or agreed upon foreign language credits which includes CHIN 412, FREN 406, GERM 412, ITAL 406, JAPN 404, RUSS407, SPAN 415  

In addition to the major requirements listed above, please see the Roberts H. Smith School of Business  under The Colleges and Schools or www.rhsmith.umd.edu for a listing of additional Smith School degree requirements that apply to all Smith School majors.


General advising for students admitted to the Smith School of Business is available Monday through Friday in the Office of Undergraduate Programs, 1570 Van Munching Hall, 301-405-2286, undergradinfo@rhsmith.umd.edu. It is recommended that students visit this office each semester to ensure that they are informed about current requirements and procedures. Transfer students entering the university can be advised during spring, summer, and fall transfer orientation programs. Contact the Orientation Office for further information, 301-314-8217, or visit www.orientation.umd.edu/.

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