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Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014


The Robert H. Smith School of Business
1570 Van Munching Hall, 301-405-2286
Chair: H. Boyd (Associate Chair), P. Kannan
Professors: P. Kannan, A. Kirmani, R. Ratner, R. Rust, J. Srivastava, M. Wedel
Associate Professors: R. Ferraro, D. Godes, R. Hamilton, R. Krapfel, W. Moe, J. Wagner, J. Zhang
Assistant Professors: T. Chen, Y. Joshi, L. Ma, A. Pocheptsova, W. Rand, M. Trusov
Lecturers: H. Boyd (Tyser Teaching Fellow), R. Fiddler, M. Harms, R. Lefkoff (Tyser Teaching Fellow), D. Whitney (Tyser Teaching Fellow)
Adjunct Professors: S. Bensimon, R. Newman
Professors Emeriti: T. Greer (Professor Emeritus), W. Nickels (Assoc Prof Emeritus)

The Major

The goal of marketing is to satisfy all the stakeholders of the firm - employees, dealers, stockholders, and customers - by seeing that quality goods and services are developed and provided at fair prices and in a way that benefits the community and society. World-class competition has forced businesses to develop marketing programs that are as good as the best. This means getting closer to the customer, joining other organizations to create value for the consumer, and designing integrated distribution and communication programs that provide a seamless flow from producers to consumers. Pricing, communication/promotion, product/service, and distribution activities inherent in the development of marketing programs are applicable to non-profit organizations, business-to-business organizations, and firms that sell to ultimate consumers.

Many types of careers are available to the marketing major. These include, but are not limited to: sales, advertising, retailing, product/service management, and marketing research. Because of the many different employment opportunities in marketing, many marketing electives are offered along with three core courses required of all marketing majors - consumer analysis, marketing research, and marketing strategy.

Admission to the Major

See Robert H. Smith School of Business entry in chapter 6 for admission requirements.

Requirements for the Major

Course requirements for the junior-senior curriculum concentration in Marketing are as follows:

BMGT451 Consumer Analysis 3
BMGT452 Marketing Research Methods 3
BMGT457 Marketing Policies and Strategies 3

Three of the following courses: 9
BMGT352 Customer-Centric Innovation

BMGT353 Retail Management 
BMGT357 Retailing and Marketing Internship (3 credits only)
BMGT372 Introduction to Logistics and Supply Chain Management
BMGT450 Integrated Marketing Communications
BMGT454 Global Marketing 
BMGT455 Sales Management 
Special Topics in Marketing (maximum of 6 credits if content differs)  
BMGT484 Electronic Marketing

Total BMGT

Upper Level Economic Requirements One of the following: 3
ECON305 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory and Policy
ECON306 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
ECON330 Money and Banking
ECON340 International Economics

Total ECON
Note: Students who have completed ECON325 and ECON 326 can substitute these courses for ECON305 and ECON 306 respectively

In addition to the major requirements listed above, please consult "Colleges and Schools" on this site or  www.rhsmith.umd.edu for a listing of additional Smith School degree requirements that apply to all Smith School majors.


General advising for students admitted to the Smith School of Business is available Monday through Friday in the Office of Undergraduate Programs, 1570 Van Munching Hall, 301-405-2286, undergradinfo@rhsmith.umd.edu. It is recommended that students visit this office each semester to ensure that they are informed about current requirements and procedures. Transfer students entering the university can be advised during spring, summer, and fall transfer orientation programs. Contact the Orientation Office for further information, 301-314-8217.

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