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Undergraduate Catalog 2015-2016


The Robert H. Smith School of Business
1570 Van Munching Hall, 301-405-2286
Chair: V. Maksimovic
Professors: G. Bakshi, S. Heston, A. Kyle, D. Madan, V. Maksimovic, L. Senbet, A. Triantis, H. Unal, R. Wermers
Associate Professors: M. Faulkender, G. Hoberg, M. Loewenstein, R. Mathews, N. Prabhala
Assistant Professors: M. Bustamante (Asst Prof), J. Cujean (Asst Prof), L. Fresard, W. Mullins (Asst Prof), A. Rossi (Asst Prof), S. Santosh (Asst Prof), Y. Wang, L. Yang (Asst Prof)
Lecturers: K. Hallows, U. Hewer (Lecturer, Adjunct Prof), D. Kass, E. Kiss, S. Kroncke, M. Lee (Lecturer), J. Pavlovsky (Lecturer), J. Perfetti, J. Rinaldi (Lecturer), C. Rossi (Lecturer), A. Sherman, M. Taranto, S. Wallenstein (Lecturer), S. White
Professors Emeriti: J. Haslem (Prof Emeritus)
Visiting Faculty: X. Gao (Visit Asst Prof), K. Hanley (Visit Assoc Prof), M. Padhi (Visit Asst Prof)

The Major

Finance encompasses:

1. Corporate finance:  The financial management of corporations
2. Investments:  The management of securities and portfolios
3. Financial institutions and markets:  The management of financial institutions and the study of their role in the economy

The Finance curriculum is designed to familiarize the student with the institutions, theory, and practice involved in the allocation of financial resources within the private sector.  It provides an educational foundation for careers involving corporate financial analysis and management, investment analysis and portfolio management, investment banking, risk management, commercial banking, and international finance; it also provides a foundation for graduate study in business administration, economics, and law.

Admission to the Major

See Robert H. Smith School of Business entry in chapter 6 for admission requirements.

Requirements for the Major

Note: Curriculum is currently under review.  Please consult  www.rhsmith.umd.edu/undergrad  for the most up-to-date curriculum.
BMGT343 Investments  3
BMGT440 Advanced Financial Management  3
Three of the following courses: 9
BMGT441 Fixed Income    
BMGT442 Advanced Portfolio Management 
BMGT443 Applied Equity Analysis and Portfolio Management 
BMGT444 Futures and Options Contracts 
BMGT445 Banking and Financial Institutions 
BMGT446 International Finance  
In addition, students can apply a maximum of one course (3cr) toward this requirement from:
BMGT349 Investment Fund Management: Lemma Senbet Fund
BMGT448 Special Topics in Finance 
BMGT449 Investment Fund Management 
One of the following courses:  3
BMGT310 Intermediate Accounting I 
BMGT313 Financial Statement Analysis 
BMGT332 Operations Research For Management Decisions 
BMGT430 Linear Statistical Models in Business 
BMGT434 Introduction to Optimization 
     Total Finance Major Requirements  18  credits
Upper Level Economics Requirements for the Finance major 
ECON330 Money and Banking


BMGT341 Financial Markets


One of the following courses:  3
ECON305 Intermediate Macroeconomics Theory and Policy 
ECON306 Intermediate Microeconomics Theory 
ECON340 International Economics 
Note: Students who have completed either ECON325 and ECON326 can substitute these courses for ECON305 or ECON306 respectively.
    Total Upper Level Economics Requirements      6 credits 



General advising for students admitted to the Smith School of Business is available Monday through Friday in the Office of Undergraduate Programs, 1570 Van Munching Hall, 301-405-2286, undergradinfo@rhsmith.umd.edu .  It is recommended that students visit this office each semester to ensure that they are informed about current requirements and procedures.  Transfer students entering the university can be advised during spring, summer, and fall transfer orientation programs.  Contact the Orientation Office for further information, 301-314-8217.

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