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Undergraduate Catalog 2015-2016

Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, School of (SLLC)

College of Arts and Humanities
1105 Jiménez Hall, 301-405-4025

Director: Fatemeh Keshavarz
Associate Director for Academic Affairs: Mel Scullen
Associate Director for Academic Administration: Lauretta Clough
Associate Director for Administrative Affairs: Claire Goebeler

Academic Programs

The School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures is the primary academic unit devoted to instruction and research in the world's languages, literatures, and cultures. It consists of the Departments of East Asian Languages and Cultures, French and Italian, Germanic Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese, and the Second Language Acquisition program. It offers undergraduate majors in Arabic Studies, Chinese, French Language and Literature, Germanic Studies, Italian Studies, Japanese, Persian Studies, Romance Languages, Russian Language and Literature, and Spanish Language, Literatures, and Cultures.  Minors can be earned in Arabic, Chinese Language, French Studies, Germanic Language and Literatures, Italian Language and Culture, Japanese, Korean Studies, Persian Studies, Portuguese Language, Literatures, and Cultures,  Russian Studies, Spanish Language and Cultures, and Spanish Language, Business, and Cultures.  Language and culture instruction through the advanced level is available in Hebrew as well. The School offers study abroad programs in many countries, both short and long-term. Its Language House, a residential immersion facility for approximately 100 students, is one of the most successful living-learning programs on campus, and offers immersion experiences in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Persian, Russian, and Spanish. Its FOLA program offers individualized instruction in Turkish and Urdu.

East Asian Languages and Cultures ( Chinese, Japanese, Korean)
2106 Jimenez Hall


Professor: Ramsey*
Associate Professors: Mason*, Yotsukura*, Zhou+
Assistant Professors:  Hashimoto+, Naito*, Schonebaum+
Visiting Assistant Professor: Hu+

Senior Lecturers:  Inoue* , Kong+, Lee-Heitz+, Y. Ramsey**, Yamakita*

Lecturers:  Akikawa*,  Wang+

+Chin *Japn  **Kora

French and Italian
3106 Jimenez Hall

Professors: Brami, Mossman, Orlando
Associate Professors: Benharrech, Campangne, Eades, Falvo*, Frisch, Scullen

Assistant Professor:  Baillargeon

Distinguished Senior Lecturer: Amodeo*

Senior Lecturer: Deigan*

Lecturers:  Lozinsky, Morando*
Emeriti: Fink, Hage,  Russell*, Tarica,  Verdaguer


Germanic Studies
3215 Jimenez Hall


Professors: Beicken+, Frederiksen+, Moyer, Oster
Associate Professors: Baer, Strauch
Assistant Professor: Koser

Emeriti: Best, Jones, Pfister, Walker

+Distinguished Scholar/Teacher

Middle Eastern Studies
3215 Jimenez Hall

Professors: Elgibali+, Karimi-Hakkak*, Keshavarz-Karamustafa*
Associate Professor: Zakim++
Assistant Professors: Abasi*, Anishchenkova+, Elsisi+, Glanville+

Visiting Assistant Professor: Feuer++

Assistant Research Scholar: Akbari-Saneh*

Lecturers: Alkebsi+, El Amine+, El-Hefnawy+, Gazit-Rosenthal++, Meftahi*, Moinfar*, Salem+


3215 Jimenez Hall

Associate Professors:  Lekic, Martin, Papazian

Assistant Professor: Landa

Affiliate Faculty: Gor

Lecturers: Lozinsky

Maya Brin Distinguished Lecturer: Gerus-Vernola

Spanish and Portuguese
2215 Jimenez Hall

Professors: Benito-Vessels, Harrison, Igel*, Quintero-Herencia, Sosnowski

Associate Professors:Demaría, Lacorte, Lavine, Long, Merediz, Naharro-Calderón, Penrose, Rodriguez, Sánchez M de Pinillos

Assistant Professor:  Lima*

Senior Lecturers: Acedo Garcia, Canabal-Torres

Lecturers: Faccio, Onate

Emeriti: Aguilar-Mora+, Cypess, Nemes,

+ Distinguished Scholar Teacher

In all SLLC programs, language acquisition courses must be taken sequentially. Once credit has been received in a higher-level language acquisition course, a lower-level course may not be taken for credit.

Language Majors

For information on majors in the School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (SLLC), visit  www.sllc.umd.edu  and see chapter 7 of the undergraduate catalog.

Language Minors

For information on Minors offered within SLLC, see www.languages.umd.edu

Other Language Programs


The Program in Modern Hebrew provides an opportunity to develop knowledge and skills in Hebrew language, literature, and culture. Elementary and intermediate language courses introduce basic communication skills in modern Hebrew. Upper-level language courses emphasize reading comprehension, vocabulary enrichment, and writing skills. Advanced courses in literature and culture focus on the analytical study of critical topics relating to modern Hebrew texts and Israeli culture.

Students wishing to focus on Hebrew language as a primary subject may do so through a concentration on Hebrew within the Jewish Studies major (see the Meyerhoff Center for Jewish Studies at www.jewishstudies.umd.edu/ ) or by devising their own major through the Individual Studies Program ( www.ivsp.umd.edu ).

Undergraduate Research Experiences

The School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures has implemented an Annual SLLC Undergraduate Research Forum which allows its outstanding Juniors and/or Seniors to display their research projects. The Forum takes place in late April in the Language House (St. Mary's).


Annual Language Career and Internship Fair

Each fall semester, SLLC organizes a Language Career and Internship Fair in conjunction with the UMD Career Center. For more information see the SLLC website www.sllc.umd.edu/ .

Co-op Programs

Language Partner Program (LPP)

The Language Partner Program is a joint venture between the School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, the Office of International Services, and Education Abroad. International students and SLLC majors are assigned in pairs to meet weekly on a one-on-one basis outside the classroom to work in an informal yet structured way on the listening, speaking, and cultural acquisition skills of SLLC majors. SLLC students in good academic standing (3.0 GPA) and at the intermediate to advanced level sign up for a 1cr SLLC309 - Language Partner Program.


Student Societies and Professional Organizations

Individual SLLC departments hold annual induction ceremonies for students who are eligible for honor society membership. 


Scholarships and Financial Assistance

The Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) administers all types of federal, state, and institutional financial assistance programs, and, in cooperation with other university offices, participates in the awarding of scholarships to deserving students. For information, visit: www.financialaid.umd.edu .

Awards and Recognition

The UG Committee organizes an annual awards ceremony to celebrate SLLC students who have earned SLLC, campus and/or national scholarships, and academic achievement awards. The awards ceremony takes place in conjunction with the annual SLLC UG Research Forum.

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