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Undergraduate Catalog 2015-2016

Comparative Literature Program (CMLT)

College of Arts and Humanities
2116 Tawes Hall, 301-405-3839
Chair: W. Cohen
Director: S. Jelen
Professors: M. Collins (English), R. Harrison (Spanish & Portuguese and English), S. Ray (English), B. Richardson (English), O. Wang (English)
Associate Professors: R. Bauer (English), S. Jelen (English and Jewish Studies), Z. Nunes (English), R. Ontiveros (English), G. Passannante (English), V. Valiavitcharska (English)
Assistant Professors: S. Balachandran Orihuela (English), O. Gaycken (English)
Lecturers: E. Robinson (English)
Affiliate Associate Professors: H. Baer (German), C. Eades (French), E. Papazian (Russian), E. Zakim (Hebrew)
Affiliate Assistant Professors: L. Arsenjuk (Film)
Professors Emeriti: A. Berlin, C. Peterson

Program Objectives

Courses in Comparative Literature offer students the opportunity to engage in literary and film studies outside of a single national or linguistic range.  Students with expertise in/or interest in multiple languages and cultures may take courses that help them to contextualize different literary and artistic traditions within a global rubric.  Courses on Literature and Global Change, World Literature by Women, Black Diaspora, Literature of the Americas, and Film Art in a Global Society, among other courses, cultivate a sense of the transnational nature of cultural production and consumption. Knowledge of a language other than English is not required.

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