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Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015

Approved Courses

The following list includes undergraduate courses that have been approved as of May 2014.  Courses added after that date do not appear in this list.  Courses eliminated after that date may still appear.  Not every course is offered regularly.  Students should consult the Schedule of Classes at www.testudo.umd.edu to ascertain which courses are actually offered during a given semester.


Number   Eligibility
000-099   Non-credit course
100-199   Primarily freshman course
200-299   Primarily sophomore course
300-399   Junior, senior course not acceptable for credit toward graduate degrees
386-387   Campus-wide internship courses; refer to information describing Experiential Learning
400-499   Junior, senior course acceptable for credit toward some graduate degree
500-599   Professional School course (Dentistry, Architecture, Law, Medicine) or post-baccalaureate course
600-899   Course restricted to graduate students
799   Master Thesis credit
899   Doctoral Dissertation credit


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Courses in "BSCV-CIVICUS"


BSCV 181 Civicus Student and the University (1) Restriction: Freshman standing; and must be in the Civicus program. Credit only granted for: BSOS181 or BSCV181. Formerly: BSOS181. Knowledge and skills designed to utilize CIVICUS to enhance the college experience and preparation for civic engagement.

BSCV 182 Civicus and Service-Learning (1) Prerequisite: BSCV191 and BSCV181; and must have completed or be concurrently enrolled in SOCY105. Restriction: Must be in the Civicus program. Credit only granted for: BSOS182 or BSCV182. Formerly: BSOS182. Students will examine domestic societal issues and their national, regional, and local dimensions from political, economic, and policy perspectives. Students will work with local direct service non-profit organizations.

BSCV 191 Introduction to Civicus (3) Restriction: Must be in the Civicus program. Credit only granted for: BSCV191 or BSOS191. Formerly: BSOS191. An introduction to the social and historical foundations of a civil society. An examination of the roles of individuals, groups, social institutions and community services.

BSCV 301 Leadership in a Multicultural Society (3) Prerequisite: BSCV191, SOCY105, and BSCV181. Restriction: Sophomore standing or higher. Credit only granted for: BSOS301 or BSCV301. Formerly: BSOS301. A study and application of skills, historical context, theories, and concepts for constructive leadership in a pluralistic, multicultural, and diverse society. Social science methodologies and theories will provide the structure for the study of contemporary social problems, civil society issues, and leadership practices.

BSCV 302 Civicus Capstone (3) Prerequisite: BSCV301. Restriction: Sophomore standing or higher. Credit only granted for: BSOS302 or BSCV302. Formerly: BSOS302. Capstone course required for CIVICUS citation. Supervised internship, community service, or research project on civil society topic. Application and continued study of skills and concepts, grounded in the social sciences, relevant to understanding and effectively dealing with contemporary social issues.

BSCV 309 Civicus Seminar (1) Repeatable to 5 credits if content differs. Review and analysis of contemporary social issues.

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