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Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015

Approved Courses

The following list includes undergraduate courses that have been approved as of May 2014.  Courses added after that date do not appear in this list.  Courses eliminated after that date may still appear.  Not every course is offered regularly.  Students should consult the Schedule of Classes at www.testudo.umd.edu to ascertain which courses are actually offered during a given semester.


Number   Eligibility
000-099   Non-credit course
100-199   Primarily freshman course
200-299   Primarily sophomore course
300-399   Junior, senior course not acceptable for credit toward graduate degrees
386-387   Campus-wide internship courses; refer to information describing Experiential Learning
400-499   Junior, senior course acceptable for credit toward some graduate degree
500-599   Professional School course (Dentistry, Architecture, Law, Medicine) or post-baccalaureate course
600-899   Course restricted to graduate students
799   Master Thesis credit
899   Doctoral Dissertation credit


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Courses in "AMST-American Studies"

AMST - American Studies

AMST 101 Introduction American Studies (3) Credit only granted for: AMST101 or AMST201. Formerly: AMST201. Introduces students to the interdisciplinary field of American Studies by examining concepts such as culture, identity, cultural practices, and globalization, as well as theories underlying these concepts. Engages key themes, especially constructions of difference and identity, cultures of everyday life, and America and the world.

AMST 202 Cultures of Everyday Life in America (3) Examine the structures and patterns of everyday life in the U.S., utilizing methods such as ethnography, oral history, survey research, and textual, visual, and material cultural analysis.

AMST 203 Popular Culture in America (3) An introduction to American popular culture, its historical development, and its role as a reflection of and influence on our culture and society.

AMST 204 Film and American Culture Studies (3) Exploration of the American film from a historical perspective, illustrating the motion picture's role as an institutional phenomenon, as a form of communication, and as a source of cross-cultural study.

AMST 205 Material Aspects of American Life (3) Historical survey of American material culture. Ways of describing and interpreting accumulated material evidence (e.g., buildings, town plans) introduced by stressing relationship between artifact and culture.

AMST 207 Contemporary American Cultures (3) World views, values, and social systems of contemporary American cultures explored through readings on selected groups such as middle-class suburbanites, old order Amish, and urban tramps.

AMST 211 Technology and American Culture (3) Historical and contemporary technological innovations in American society, with special emphasis on the humanities. Varied social and cultural responses to one contemporary technological issue e.g. (environmental pollution, genetic engineering, communications technology, and psychopharmacology).

AMST 212 Diversity in American Culture (3) Exploration of the role of diversity in the shaping of American culture. Special emphasis will be placed on the multicultural origins of American popular and material culture, such as foodways and entertainment, and on the experience of "Americanization."

AMST 260 American Culture in the Information Age (3) Credit only granted for: AMST260 or AMST298I. Formerly: AMST298I. Examines the ways in which content and form of public information interact with the culture, families & individuals.

AMST 269 Special Topics in Study Abroad II (1-6) Repeatable to 15 credits if content differs. Special topics course taken as part of an approved study abroad program.

AMST 298 Selected Topics in American Studies (3) Repeatable to 6 credits if content differs. Cultural study of a specific theme or issue involving artifacts and documents from both past and contemporary American experience.

AMST 328 Perspectives on Identity and Culture (3) Repeatable to 9 credits if content differs. Analysis of the cultural aspect of identity formation and the role of individual or community identities in cultural production. Examination of cultural texts such as film, literature, fashion, artifacts, archival records, architecture, monuments, sports, and paintings.

AMST 340 Introduction to History, Theories and Methods in American Studies (3) Prerequisite: Must have completed AMST201; and 2 courses in AMST. Restriction: Must be in American Studies program; and sophomore standing or higher. Introduction to the process of interdisciplinary research, including research literatures, questions, first-hand sources and library and analytic methods in American Studies. Each student will craft a prospectus for original research.

AMST 369 Special Topics in Study Abroad III (1-6) Repeatable to 15 credits if content differs. Special topics course taken as part of an approved study abroad program.

AMST 388 Honors Thesis (3-6) Restriction: Must be admitted to AMST honors program; and permission of ARHU-American Studies department; and senior standing. Repeatable to 6 credits if content differs. Individual research, thesis and oral defense. The research project will be conducted under the supervision of a faculty member.

AMST 398 Independent Studies (1-3) Restriction: Permission of ARHU-American Studies department. Repeatable to 6 credits if content differs. Provides the student with the opportunity to pursue independent, interdisciplinary research and reading in specific areas of American culture studies.

AMST 418 Cultural Themes in America (3) Repeatable to 6 credits if content differs. Examination of structure and development of American culture through themes such as "growing up American," "culture and mental disorders," "race," "ethnicity," "regionalism," "landscape," and "humor."

AMST 428 American Cultural Eras (3) Repeatable to 6 credits if content differs. Investigation of a decade, period, or generation as a case study in significant social change within an American context. Case studies include "Antebellum America, 1840-1860" and "American culture in the Great Depression."

AMST 429 Perspectives on Popular Culture (3) Repeatable to 6 credits if content differs. Topics in popular culture studies, including the examination of particular genres, themes, and issues.

AMST 432 Literature and American Society (3) Prerequisite: Must have completed 1 course in American Literature or 1 course in American History; or 1 course in SOCY; or 1 course in AMST. Examination of the relationship between literature and society: including literature as cultural communication and the institutional framework governing its production, distribution, conservation and evaluation.

AMST 433 American Humor (3) Credit only granted for: AMST418A or AMST433. Formerly: AMST418A. American humor from the Colonial era through the present in genres including literature, journalism, graphic arts, performance, and modern media. How humor expresses and mediates important social and cultural concerns including politics, religion, race and ethnicity, gender and topical issues.

AMST 450 Seminar in American Studies (3) Prerequisite: AMST201 and AMST340; and 1 course in AMST. Restriction: Senior standing; and must be in American Studies program. Developments in theories and methods of American Studies scholarship, with emphasis upon interaction between the humanities and the social sciences in the process of cultural analysis and evaluation.

AMST 498 Special Topics in American Studies (3) Repeatable to 9 credits if content differs. Topics of special interest.

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