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Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015

Approved Courses

The following list includes undergraduate courses that have been approved as of May 2014.  Courses added after that date do not appear in this list.  Courses eliminated after that date may still appear.  Not every course is offered regularly.  Students should consult the Schedule of Classes at www.testudo.umd.edu to ascertain which courses are actually offered during a given semester.


Number   Eligibility
000-099   Non-credit course
100-199   Primarily freshman course
200-299   Primarily sophomore course
300-399   Junior, senior course not acceptable for credit toward graduate degrees
386-387   Campus-wide internship courses; refer to information describing Experiential Learning
400-499   Junior, senior course acceptable for credit toward some graduate degree
500-599   Professional School course (Dentistry, Architecture, Law, Medicine) or post-baccalaureate course
600-899   Course restricted to graduate students
799   Master Thesis credit
899   Doctoral Dissertation credit


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Courses in "AMSC-Applied Mathematics & Scientific Computation"

AMSC - Applied Mathematics & Scientific Computation

AMSC 420 Mathematical Modeling (3) Prerequisite: MATH240 or MATH461; and (MATH241, MATH246, and STAT400); and permission of CMNS-Mathematics department. Also offered as: MATH420. Credit only granted for: AMSC420 or MATH420. The course will develop skills in mathematical modeling through practical experience. Students will work in groups on specific projects involving real-life problems that are accessible to their existing mathematical backgrounds. In addition to the development of mathematical models, emphasis will be placed on the use of computational methods to investigate these models, and effective oral and written presentation of the results.

AMSC 452 Introduction to Dynamics and Chaos (3) Prerequisite: MATH246 and MATH240. Also offered as: MATH452. Credit only granted for: AMSC452 or MATH452. An introduction to mathematical dynamics and chaos. Orbits, bifurcations, Cantor sets and horseshoes, symbolic dynamics, fractal dimension, notions of stability, flows and chaos. Includes motivation and historical perspectives, as well as examples of fundamental maps studied in dynamics and applications of dynamics.

AMSC 460 Computational Methods (3) Prerequisite: CMSC106, MATH240, and MATH241. Also offered as: CMSC460. Credit only granted for: AMSC460, CMSC460, AMSC466, or CMSC466. Basic computational methods for interpolation, least squares, approximation, numerical quadrature, numerical solution of polynomial and transcendental equations, systems of linear equations and initial value problems for ordinary differential equations. Emphasis on methods and their computational properties rather than their analytic aspects. Intended primarily for students in the physical and engineering sciences.

AMSC 466 Introduction to Numerical Analysis I (3) Prerequisite: CMSC106, MATH240, and MATH241. Also offered as: CMSC466. Credit only granted for: AMSC460, CMSC460, AMSC466, or CMSC466. Floating point computations, direct methods for linear systems, interpolation, solution of nonlinear equations.

AMSC 498 Selected Topics in Applied Mathematics (1-3) Repeatable to 6 credits if content differs. Topics in applied mathematics of special interest to advanced undergraduate students.

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