Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct and Sexual Violence

Title IX Coordinator

In accordance with the requirements of Title IX, the University of Maryland is responsible for appointing a Title IX coordinator. The core duties and regulations of the Title IX Coordinator as set forth in federal regulations and interpreted by DOE guidelines include:
  • Monitoring and oversight of the university's overall implementation of Title IX compliance.

  • Notification, prevention and education of the campus community regarding: (1) Title IX rights and responsibilities, focusing on prohibitions against sexual harassment, sexual assault, and sexual misconduct, (2) relevant university policies, including the processes for filing complaints for purposes of investigation and resolutions, (3) reporting options available both on and off campus, and (4) the existence of available resources, including the health center, counseling center, and rape crisis center.

  • Coordinate training for the campus community, which includes: (1) students, faculty, and staff, (2) "responsible employees"/"first responders" who receive complaints, (3) investigators and adjudicators of complaints, and (4) campus law enforcement officers who deal with victims' rights under Title IX , including the right to file Title IX sexual misconduct complaints for investigation and resolution by the university in addition to making a criminal complaint.

  • Coordinate the receipt, investigation, and disposition of complaints of alleged sexually discriminatory behavior in violation of Title IX, other federal or state law, or university policies.