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Campus Map Pilot Project

TerpNav Pedestrian Interactive Map
Joint Venture Between Gemstone and Software Engineering at Maryland (SEAM)

The University is pleased to showcase and solicit feedback on the interactive campus mapping system, entitled TerpNav, generously provided for our use as a pilot through the efforts of University of Maryland students.

This prototype pedestrian maps system was a joint venture between two groups of students. A team of Gemstone students called FASTR (Finding Alternative Specialized Travel Routes) designed and commissioned the construction of this map as part of their research project. They teamed with Software Engineering at Maryland (SEAM), another student group. Run by the Computer Science Department, SEAM is a "software co-op" that pairs student teams from upper level software engineering classes with partners in industry or government.

We invite and look forward to your feedback and would like to continue the dialogue on future electronic services to better serve the University of Maryland community and campus.

While much of the available data has been put into the system, the inventory is not complete and we encourage you to be a participant in this process and assist us in identifying additional data regarding accessibility and other information.

Send your comments to: vcmap@umd.edu.

  • It's simple! To find the shortest pedestrian route between points, just click anywhere on the map to set your start and end points. The shortest route that is closest to your selected points will appear automatically. OR you can find the name of the campus venues in the box in the upper right of the screen and use the START/END LOCATIONS menu to select venues for your starting and end point. Known locations will appear as you type - to select a building or location as an end point, just click on the name you want once you see it.

  • You can modify any route by opening up the ROUTE FILTERS menu and clicking on your preferences. For example, the "No Stairs" preference will give you wheelchair accessible routes, including accessible entrances should your end point be a campus building. More options for route preferences are coming along, and we'd love to have your suggestions for them too.

  • To locate any campus venue on the map, select the venue from the FIND LOCATIONS pull-down menu, then click, find location. The map will highlight the selected venue.

  • You can easily reposition the map by "clicking and dragging"; use the controls in the upper left corner to zoom in or out of the map display. (Greater magnification will provide you with more details about buildings and routes.)

  • TerpNav will automatically give you routes that avoid temporary campus disruptions such as construction. These are marked in red boxes on the map. If you prefer, then you can clear these - or click on the box and expand them or add your own - in order to customize your routes.

  • Location and routes to many campus events can be found by pulling down the EVENTS menu and using the same typing convention as searching for buildings. More events will be added all the time as we get this up to speed!

  • TerpNav has been tested on latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari; some map features may not work with older versions of your browser.

    To use the map, go to this url: http://seamster.cs.umd.edu:8090/map/index.html

    View Team FASTR about this project below:

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