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Campus Buildings—Abbreviated Building Index

NOTE: This index contains only the buildings that have three letter abbreviations.

  • See complete list.

  • Abbreviated list containing only those buildings that have three letter abbreviations here.

    code name number
    AVW  A.V. Williams Building 115 
    SSU  Adele H. Stamp Student Union Building 163 
    AGY  Allegany Hall (Dorm) 024 
    ANS  Animal Science/Agricultural Engineering Building 142 
    ANA  Anne Arundel Hall (Dorm) 060 
    ARC  Architecture Building 145 
    ASY  Art-Sociology Building 146 
    BAL  Baltimore Hall (Dorm) 016 
    BEL  Bel Air Hall 099 
    EDU  Benjamin Building 143 
    BPS  Biology-Psychology Building 144 
    BRB  Biosciences Research Building 413 
    BRD  Byrd Stadium Building (Upper Deck) 368 
    BRD  Byrd Stadium Complex 364 
    BRD  Byrd Stadium Concession 365 
    BRD  Byrd Stadium Ticket Booth 366 
    CAL  Calvert Hall (Dorm) 015 
    CCC  Cambridge Community Center 097 
    CAM  Cambridge Hall (Dorm) 096 
    CRC  Campus Recreation Center 068 
    CAR  Caroline Hall (Dorm) 070 
    CRL  Carroll Hall (Dorm) 065 
    CEC  Cecil Hall (Dorm) 017 
    CEN  Centreville Hall (Dorm) 098 
    CHL  Charles Hall (Dorm) 025 
    CHE  Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building 090 
    CHM  Chemistry Building 091 
    CHS  Chestertown Hall (Dorm) 121 
    PAC  Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center 386 
    COL  Cole Student Activities Building 162 
    CSI  Computer Science Instructional Center 406 
    CSS  Computer and Space Sciences Building 224 
    CBD  Cumberland Hall (Dorm) 122 
    DEN  Denton Hall (Dorm) 252 
    DOR  Dorchester Hall (Dorm) 064 
    EAS  Easton Hall (Dorm) 253 
    EDA  Education Annex, West 066 
    ELK  Elkton Hall (Dorm) 254 
    ELL  Ellicot Hall 256 
    EAB  Engineering Annex 093 
    EGL  Engineering Laboratory Building 089 
    KEY  Francis Scott Key Hall 048 
    FRD  Frederick Hall (Dorm) 029 
    GRT  Garrett Hall (Dorm) 031 
    GEO  Geology Building 237 
    GLF  Golf Course Clubhouse 166 
    HJP  H.J. Patterson Hall 073 
    HAG  Hagerstown Hall (Dorm) 258 
    HRF  Harford Hall (Dorm) 014 
    HAR  Harrison Lab (Green Houses) 002 
    HZF  Holzapfel Hall (Horticulture) 074 
    HBK  Hornbake Library 147 
    HOW  Howard Hall (Dorm) 028 
    IPT  Institute for Physical Science and Technology 085 
    ITV  Instructional Television Facility 045 
    JMP  J.M. Patterson Building 083 
    KEB  Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building 225 
    JMZ  Jimenez Hall 034 
    JRN  Journalism Building 059 
    JUL  Jull Hall 227 
    KNT  Kent Hall (Dorm) 022 
    KNI  Knight Hall 417 
    LPA  LaPlata Hall (Dorm) 259 
    LEF  LeFrak Hall 038 
    MMH  Marie Mount Hall 046 
    EGR  Martin Hall 088 
    MTH  Mathematics Building 084 
    MCK  McKeldin Library 035 
    MCB  Microbiology Building 231 
    MNT  Montgomery Hall (Dorm) 032 
    MOR  Morrill Hall 040 
    NCC  Nyumburu Cultural Center 232 
    PHY  Physics Building 082 
    PLS  Plant Science Building 036 
    PKT  Preinkert Field House 054 
    PGG  Prince Georges Hall (Dorm) 021 
    QAN  Queen Anne's Hall 061 
    ARM  Reckord Armory 078 
    RIT  Ritchie Coliseum 004 
    SPH  School of Public Health Building 255 
    SHM  Shoemaker Building 037 
    SHR  Shriver Laboratory 075 
    SKN  Skinner Building 044 
    SOM  Somerset Hall (Dorm) 063 
    SDH  South Campus Dining Hall 026 
    STM  St. Mary's Hall (Dorm) 062 
    SQH  Susquehanna Hall 233 
    SYM  Symons Hall 076 
    TAL  Talbot Hall (Dorm) 030 
    TLF  Taliaferro Hall 043 
    TWS  Tawes Fine Arts Building 141 
    TAP  Technology Advancement Program Building 387 
    TUR  Turner Hall (Dairy/Visitor Center) 079 
    TYD  Tydings Hall 042 
    BRD  Tyser Tower 361 
    VMH  Van Munching Hall 039 
    WSH  Washington Hall (Dorm) 023 
    WIC  Wicomico Hall (Dorm) 069 
    WTU  Wind Tunnel Building 081 
    WDS  Woods Hall 047 
    WOR  Worchester Hall (Dorm) 051