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The Conflict Resolvers Network

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Welcome to the Conflict Resolvers Network at the University of Maryland. The people and programs listed here are a consortium of advisors, counselors and mediators on campus who are available to assist with resolving conflict for faculty, staff, and students. This guide is designed to assist you in selecting the right program or person for your situation. However, any of these individuals will be glad to direct you to the most appropriate resource.

Members of the CRN Network have been asked for help or advice on a large number of topics and new ones continually come to our attention. Listed below is a partial list of the issues we have addressed. We encourage you to contact one of us even if you don't see your particular issue listed below, as we will be glad to refer you to the most appropriate resource:

  • working relations among faculty,staff and students
  • work conditions/work load
  • violations of law
  • threats of violence
  • sexual harassment
  • pay and benefits
  • personal issues
  • medical/health concerns
  • discrimination
  • disciplinary actions
  • financial emergencies
  • leave
  • ethical issues
  • academic advising concerns
  • tenure and promotion
  • retirement
  • termination of contract

Faculty Ombudsperson


Negotiates and mediates grievances or concerns of faculty members.

Dr. Ellin K. Scholnick
4205 John S. Toll Physics Building
College Park, MD 20742

Staff Ombudsperson


Mediates work-related issues for all staff employees and provides confidential consultation.

Cynthia Edmunds
4205 John S. Toll Physics Building
College Park, MD 20742

Graduate Student Ombudsperson


Seeks to secure timely and fair outcomes for graduate student concerns related to their campus experience. Provides confidential consultation and will mediate disputes when requested.

Mark A. Shayman, Ph.D.
2100A Lee Building

Undergraduate Student Ombudsperson


Provides information on university policies and procedures, makes referrals to appropriate campus colleagues who may be helpful with resolving issues, and sometimes facilitates the resolution of problems.

Ann C. Smith
2100 Marie Mount Hall

Office of Civil Rights and Sexual Misconduct


Supports the University's commitment to a working and learning environment free from sexual misconduct and discrimination. Responsible for overseeing and implementing the University's compliance with Title IX as well as other federal and state civil rights laws and regulations.

Catherine A. Carroll, J.D.
4113 Susquehanna Hall

Staff Relations Office


Advises and assists in personnel matters for staff employees, including policy explanation and application, disciplinary and dismissal actions, lay-offs, probation, PRD, Family Medical Leave, and grievances.

Jennifer Matthews
2100 Chesapeake Building

Faculty & Staff Assistance Program


Provides assessment, referral, and counseling services to all faculty and staff and their family members for personal and/or job related concerns. Advise and provide consultation and coaching to supervisors and administrators around individual or departmental issues.

Tom Ruggieri
0102A Health Center

Joan Bellsey
0102B Health Center

Center for Leadership and Organizational Change


CLOC provides customized consulting and leadership coaching, enabling departments and groups to effectively achieve their organizational goals. We partner with clients to develop an approach tailored to the departmental context and to the specific needs of participants.

Laura Scott
0102 Seneca Building