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Thumbnail for 'UMD Sustainability Fund Announces 2015 Projects'

UMD Sustainability Fund Announces 2015 Projects

The Sustainability Fund will allocate money for students, faculty, and staff of the university to finance projects that will improve sustainability initiatives on campus.
Thumbnail for 'When Performance Comparisons Spur Risky Behavior'

When Performance Comparisons Spur Risky Behavior

According to new UMD research, being outperformed by the people in your own company is more likely to lead you to make risky moves in the hope of improving your standing quickly.
Thumbnail for 'UMD's iSchool Celebrates 50th Anniversary'

UMD's iSchool Celebrates 50th Anniversary

In its 50 years, UMD’s iSchool has created innovative ways for the public to connect with information that aids in the development of our common society.
Thumbnail for 'Massive Amounts of Saharan Dust Fertilize the Amazon Rainforest'

Massive Amounts of Saharan Dust Fertilize the Amazon Rainforest

UMD researchers find that every year, millions of tons of Saharan dust cross the Atlantic Ocean, bringing vital fertilizers to depleted Amazon soils.
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"PALS" Program Launches Partnership with College Park

UMD’s National Center for Smart Growth announces a new, on-going partnership with the City of College Park that will leverage University assets to tackle city challenges in sustainability.
Thumbnail for 'UMD Analysis of Satellite Data Shows Felling of Tropical Trees has Soared, Not Slowed'

UMD Analysis of Satellite Data Shows Felling of Tropical Trees has Soared, Not Slowed

UMD researchers find the rate at which tropical forests were cut, burned or otherwise lost from the 1990s - 2000s accelerated by 62 percent, dramatically reversing a previous estimate.