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Thumbnail for 'UMD Extension Celebrates 100th Anniversary'

UMD Extension Celebrates 100th Anniversary

For 100 years, the UMD Extension has been charged with the responsibility of delivering practical, research-based information to the citizens of Maryland to help improve every aspect of their lives.
Thumbnail for 'Population Patterns of U.S. Immigrants from Mexico'

Population Patterns of U.S. Immigrants from Mexico

UMD and CIDE researchers uncover new phenomenon: U.S. immigrants from Mexico come disproportionately from areas with less-educated populations.
Thumbnail for 'New Detector Captures Record Range of Light Waves'

New Detector Captures Record Range of Light Waves

New research at the University of Maryland could lead to a generation of light detectors that can see below the surface of bodies, walls, and other objects.
Thumbnail for 'Iranian Public Ready to Make a Nuclear Deal'

Iranian Public Ready to Make a Nuclear Deal

A new survey by UMD researchers of the Iranian public finds that the majority of Iranians would support their government making a deal on Iran's nuclear program.
Thumbnail for 'Closest-Ever Orbiter Sends Data on Comet'

Closest-Ever Orbiter Sends Data on Comet

As the spacecraft Rosetta approaches a "rubber ducky" shaped comet, the spacecraft's instruments are already gathering data that may lead to new insights about how these heavenly bodies form.
Thumbnail for 'Lighting the Way to Clean, Efficient Power'

Lighting the Way to Clean, Efficient Power

New nanotechnology findings from UMD have moved us significantly closer to a "holy grail" of clean energy research – the efficient, cost effective generation of clean hydrogen fuel from sunlight.